When I don't have time to spend a session with a client and cancel the lesson on the day of the meeting, I always compensate for this +1 bonus lesson at my expense. br>
I do not like apologies, because it is implied that when a person makes a mistake and says, "well, I'm sorry," and then wonders, "I apologized, what more do you want?", he believes that penance what have belittled myself, and gave me the opportunity to feel cool. br>
In my opinion, is so-so compensation, because to feel better by belittling others is wrong. If more constructive ways. Compensation, gifts, discounts, additional attention and services. br>
the mistakes you have to pay — truism, but many people try to avoid this Board, believing that he already understood everything.

And then life catches up with them and still takes full. br>
Men in our country do not have the ability to pay for the mistakes, they avoid pain and do not like to pay the bills. I myself was so I know what it was about. Therefore, an important part of my job is to help not to avoid the fees. I'm not allowed to exercise, if the customer has not done any jobs that I gave, even if the lesson is paid. I hate the occupation, if this was not notified for 24 hours (if not disease). I don't allow for group classes, if the participant does not exactly did what I asked, even if it is a trifle. He knew the rules, he agreed with them, and then wants to avoid the fees? Of course not. br>
If a person wants to learn how to get results, it is important to pay for their decisions. Don't, don't, but there's a price. There were more important things than the lesson with me? For this, too, is the price. br>
the same as I do myself. If I skip a session with a client, in addition to paid classes, I give the same amount of time. Why? Because the client was preparing for the lesson, waiting for him, freed time, and just tell him "sorry, I've been doing, let me schedule a new lesson," I consider it very wrong. Need for compensation. br>
If I spent on the session, the client's time on irrelevant topic, I can add a half-hour free lesson as compensation. If I promised to answer a question in a while, but did not answer, I will make it up to detailed comprehensive response is two times more than planned. br>
it was not always So, and because of my mistakes and arrogance I have lost clients in the beginning, because I didn't want to pay for their bad decisions.

It is for a good compensation appreciate and love those companies that are attentive to the customers, give bonuses for poor-quality services or products that are ready to give some goods or to recover the experience after negative experience. br>
once, when I was in USA as a student, I ordered through Amazon the SD card, but they sent me Home the same amount that I did not ask. I wrote a complaint, I very quickly replied and said he already sent SD, and CompactFlash please return back if I'm not hard. They insisted and I left the stick itself. Why? Because I was sorry time and forces for return shipping. So Amazon is cool, they appreciate customers ' time and do not require to return send the wrong parcel back.

Ask yourself compensation is difficult, know. Train on supermarkets — if there is defective product, which I had to go back to the store (i.e. to spend the time and nerves), I talk with the Manager and ask that I compensated for it, usually just replace the product and give it for free. br>
there was another case in the company of storage, which were presented to me at a low price a large box to store our property in the winter because of their mistakes. Then they told me that he remembered my name for a long time it flashed in their correspondence.

Domrachev Paul
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