In this article, I again turn to metaphor.
Many images come into our lives from literary works and cinema. These areas of culture and human life are kind of a mirror surface, reflecting the problems of society.

If we look at the characters of modern cartoon and movies and compare them, we see a striking difference.

ten years ago similar it was impossible to imagine!

I Remember a story told by my relatives aunt with my mom. When intelligent educated woman saw her granddaughter a toy – namely, a green cow, then a lot of surprised, commenting that such products will lead to the fact that the child will think that a real cow – green. It was in the 80s.

Hmm... in the 21st century green cow no surprise.

Green cow has become the norm of life!

the lines are blurring between toys and between cows and between genders, Come new values, although still dream about high – love, friendship, brotherhood, and creating new norms.

by the Way, the last well-established in medicine. Now education such as cysts, mastitis, etc are even not in the category of individual characteristics, and are the norm. Homosexuality in a sense, too, because in nature, among the animals he observed, and hence, it is quite natural... Well, not argue, that there is scientific facts.

Hysteria today is not the same as in the days of her "father", and narcissism, like putting a face not your own?

Only, thank God, with the heart replaced by connective, and muscle tissue in the category of rules has not yet passed, and that it would be possible safely to assert that the death – rate and life – diseases.

I Must admit that in many ways our life has acquired a film on the walking dead.

Putrid life without feelings, with desires like "brains, fresh brains!" has become our reality.

In some sense, about this article.

now, about the metaphor, which came from the pages of books and screens of televisions (or monitors).

If we look at the most popular movies of the last five years, it is history in the spirit of "Vampire Saga".

I Must admit that vampires at some point, starting with count Dracula, who was once the only person that have flooded the TV.

not only that, now the Earl is not the only fear, so many protivovirusnye methods, according to modern movies about vampires, don't work – garlic is powerless, the crucifix also goes into oblivion.

However, the film to which I refer, there are just two ways – the purity (chastity and purity inherent in the helper of the hero) and light.

That is, there is hope.

Our strength lies in the purity of the soul and the light of consciousness!

so, we proceed to the analysis.

a Sufficient number of sources, including Nancy Mack Williams, an amazing indicate complementarity pairs "Narcissus-the border guard".

These pairs are not uncommon.

Life in the family, where the parents of Narcissus and the border guard, similar to walking through a minefield.

Depreciation Narcissus kills a border guard, but he has something to show in return! More on that below.

In the first stage, the relationship in such a pair are added to the type "the cuckoo rooster praises for what he praises the cuckoo", and then Narcisse goes to his grandiose pole and eats the guard. But not so simple, because the victim is the guard at a time when the daffodil goes to the pole of his! I am able to strike.

Even if both don't realize it, I feel intuitively weaknesses of each other and this is not surprising because both are like two sides of the same coin.

the Two opposites in his desire – one wants to give, and another to feast.

now imagine the ambivalence of the child and the adult who grew up in a family like that – its like tearing apart and I'm immature and hanging between two poles.

the Child does not perceive the father and the mother as bad, and loves both of them, but the love-war between the foreign parent is a narcissist and a guard goes into the inner mental space, forming the kernel, based on the conflict -not the ability to make a choice, make the decision to build an adequate relationship, because such a child is a victim of passions and pastimes of their parents.

And here we return to the pages of books and blue screens.

Along with the vampires, our cinema is filled with werewolves. Like the guys are cuter than vampires, after all, something human left in them (not just look like a vampire, but feelings),but when they're in wolf skin, the chances of survival, even if you become friends, be reduced to zero!

Here is another gorgeous image – at the border, when the night follows the day, and to heaven ascend the Orb of night, we have a dark primal animal part of the border guard.

Vampires afraid of the light of the sun (day) – for them it is physical death, and werewolves – moon light (night) and for them is the loss of human nature which may be fatal, including.

And between vampires and werewolves goes a long war... if you believe the story.

Day and night, sun and moon are very significant symbols – those opposites, which are in unity, not in the fight. ... The male – the solar principle feminine – moon.

what is a fairy tale, and if she's as far from reality as the green cow?

In one of the stories about vampires, the author gives us the key – the answer to the question how to beat "the Almighty Dracula" (I think in this context, Dracula is a symbol of total narcissism, spreading the "deadly plague".

This film", Vanhelsing".

Gabriel van Helsing— "Left hand of God" (it should be noted that Christianity is "the title" is the Archangel Gabriel).

van Helsing destroys the vampire, which breeds Dracula with his brides.

this article is not a detailed description of the plot, and only stop on the most important factors.

van Helsing and his associates the truth about how to defeat Dracula can only be a werewolf, but the danger of being wolf is that the more turning is in it, the higher the probability that human origins he does not return and his werewolf devour him.

the Heroes know that Dracula has an antidote that allows you to return the werewolf to human form.

Bitten by a werewolf, van Helsing, really defeats Dracula in the guise of a wolf.

the Hero saves beloved, who had to inject an antidote, but at the cost of his life.

But this is not the end of the story. Burning the body of the beloved in a ritual bonfire, van Helsing sees the soul of the beloved and his brother, who died at the hands of Dracula.

If you look into the details of the plot, the struggle is commensurate with the alchemical process described By Jung.

We first observed the confrontation of opposites, which are in essence similar as the sun and moon.

by the Way, the wolf in werewolf is a symbol of rage, libido, which manifests itself in the moonlight, as libidinal and the animal reveals itself in its entirety (in dreams or relationships).

thus the task of man to integrate libidinal rage, but not to let her absorb the human in it. On the one hand.

on the other hand, using the power of the werewolf (libido), to win over inner Dracula, stealing life.

Reunited the souls of a brother and sister (sweetheart of van Helsing) is akin to the Anime and Animus.

van Helsing is the hero, sent by the Church to defeat Dracula, ie, to win what promises death to all mankind.

Eternal life of the body without the soul is death!

T. O. film van Helsing through the unconscious of the author reveals to us the path of harmony, path of the hero, the path of victory over the inner dragon!

by the Way, in the film we see a sufficient number of men, sometimes opposing, sometimes complementary to the images, and the female represented only beloved van Helsing and the trio of Dracula's brides.

That begs – how does she, our darling one against such hordes of chimeras and monsters, one to help the hero?

take care of the soul and grow their domestic heroes, because someone has to protect her.

the plot of the film constantly suggests to us the connection between a werewolf and a vampire – their interdependence (Dracula has an antidote for the werewolf, and van Helsing is the key to solving the death of Dracula).

the Psyche of a man who grew up in a dependent relationship of complementary parents, like thin ice, and I hold it, is to fail, to lose resistance as it plunges into the horrible struggle of opposites.

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