The contexts of close relationships.


Want to suggest to reflect on the intersection of the contexts of interpersonal, intimate relationships , which often have to interact with customers.

Close relationships are very diverse, here are some of them :

Related, marital, friendly , collegial, neighborly, intimate, can this also be attributed to the therapeutic relationship. And each relationship type has its own characteristics , its development trajectory, laws, emotions, anxiety and so on and experienced by a person in different ways.

But often, because of number of reasons related to socialization, a person is not able to distinguish the context of one relationship and transfers from other features of other relations to others.

That frequent crossing contexts :

    Often, especially teenagers suffer the context of family relations on a friendly. Hence, fraternization, friendship to the grave, an experience of betrayal, jealousy. Intimate relatives . the context of intimate friendships. This intersection occurs in male-female relations and has its dangers , as well as in young people, causing doubt in their sexual orientation.friendly peer . This intersection creates the basis for manipulation , when the person as though the friendship is forced to do extra work.intimate peer . This office romance and harassment at work. Related to peer . In some corporations cultivated the spirit of family , with father at the head, which may lead of course to the satisfaction of certain needs, but also dangerous excessive exploitation.

the intersection of the contexts is not necessarily harmful, but it is always dangerous.

If you take a Corporation with the spirit of the family, it is very difficult exit from these relations. It's not just a dismissal , but may be regarded as an exile, as a betrayal.

Some of the features of the different relationship .

the relationships can have a complex story, but people can't interrupt. Brother will always be brother, mother mother. And even if they are deep in the background, but still affect a person. Even the daughter who doesn't remember the departed family of the father in relationship with him, and like these missing relationships can cause strong latent anxiety.

a Friendly relationship can be interrupted when the affection , sympathy weakens. As soon as friends stop investing in these relationships they are on the decline. That is, they are based on the unselfish attachments of friends.

Collegial relationships as if warm was not , but always are based on material exchange and distribution of responsibilities. Once a material interest disappears, the relationship ends.

Intimate relationships the basis of a strong bodily experiences.

In recent years , especially in Western countries the impression that any bodily warm feelings trying to consider in an intimate context.

But the person experiences bodily and friendly, and sister, and the feelings of tenderness to the child, and affection to the puppy , and thanks to a colleague And a person has the ability to distinguish this variety of warm bodily experiences in various contexts, close relations to each other.

In therapy can be very useful in humans to analyze the contexts of close relations, their intersections , the dangers of these intersections and the ability to distinguish between them including on a bodily level.

It would be interesting to hear your opinions about these thoughts.

Sergey Alexandrov
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