The cost of a psychologist


As a rule, the price is tied to the intrinsic value of a specialist. Yes.

the value of Russian psychologists varies from 0 to 60,000 rubles. For one meeting. Dumping from naive to outright arrogance.

the Kaliningrad more than adequate range from 500 to 5,000 rubles. Led and funny arithmetic average: 1.395 =)

the Definition of low-rate gives not only the anxiety of the specialist, but also the willingness of many to work.

it is a Pity that psychological work with you not work quickly. The results require time. New neural connections are formed meeeeee. Postepenno, after half a year filigree weekly practices. And changes occur. Proven. Repeatedly reproduced. Personally felt.

Sorry, but for free it also does not work. Usually, if nothing to pay, and the result means nothing. As unsolicited advice, zero exhaust.

And not to the painful stage of healing, it is important to understand that you could spend your money differently. New car to buy (a toy, a washing or sedan). And decided to invest it in yourself, to recover and rebuild. For the sake of another life. Quality. I choose the difficulty. They will still be. But now only those who are given preference.

And pricing of these psychological services is composed of several factors:

1 room rental
2 supervision (consultation with a more experienced colleague, mentor)
3 personal therapy (client experience)
4 ongoing training (systematic training)
5 tax deduction (for individual entrepreneurs)
6 self-worth and experience.

the Latter slyly. It turns out that the experience of the psychologist varies the efficiency of only 7%.
While drug treatment now and all fight for the 2% in order to increase the chances of remission, the difference in the experience and not talking.
But subjectively the years are highly sought after and naturally increase the cost.

Because the price is tied to the intrinsic value of a professional =)
This explains the desire to choose someone more expensive. He values himself, apparently, worth it.


And while my head is spinning "too expensive" and "too cheap", in fact it is "too soon" =)

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