I weave in my dreams of braids,

In new stories - miracles.

beneath the petals of my eyelashes.

Dripping crystal dew.

I weave in braids, the dust of the road,

In your undertakings - a cluster of stars.

From under the feathers, they dreams

And weave to the memory of the amulet.

( his own composition)

the Theme of dreams, the unconscious and the symbolic, mysterious. What kind of message we convey to yourself inside every night?

a day, we spend a lot of time in dreams. Often we do not remember, but there are very vivid, meaningful dreams, and some of them are persistent or have the appearance of the series when the next series is a continuation of the previous one.

At the age of 14 I had a boy. He sent a note asking for a date, the movies. The rest of the dream was agonizing choice, conversation within themselves on the topic to go or not. After a few days, in the book from the library I found a memo with text from a dream. It was easy, because the question of choice has disappeared - I already decided the day before. In a dream. A few years later he found himself forever in the book of my destiny as the first man.

After this incident, I began to pay attention to your dreams. And even, for a time led their diary. Then stopped, and the records are there. Now, finding this notebook, I found many Parallels with the subsequent events in reality.

What is the country of our dreams? Where are these images? How can they believe?

In dreams we see the events of their imperfect relationship, experiencing fears and nightmares, his impulses, desires, dreams. Learn languages and other subjects, trying to change life circumstances, practicing in the flight. Meet and get to know people, find images of animals or objects, die, meet the souls of their future children, consult with his birth, we see the events of the day, plunge into the unknown world of fiction and a non-existent reality...

Some items of sleep is so capacious that deciphering a combination, open a whole chain of events.

Klimovich Inga
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