What more perfect a wish to be a person, the more he usually manifested the fear of making a mistake. However, all people, no matter how they tried to include a variety of details and consequences, acting sometimes get is not what you are looking for.

When it seems that a lot of mistakes, to realize our plans in real time and not just dream about it all the more difficult. So in very advanced cases, the person stops moving in the desired direction at all, preferring to be content with what one hundred percent may, and can, especially if the conditions are familiar and comfortable.

He remains in his way, but the satisfaction does not occur, because the goals and desires remain unfulfilled. It happens that the dreams are far in the past, life is similar to the operation of the robot.


the Most successful people usually make in their lifetime a large number of errors.

Weird? Not if you understand that every experience gives space for reflection. Thus was born the practical wisdom that becomes the basis for climbing the steps of success.

anyway... Mistakes are great! Still in doubt?


first, the error is an ability to exclude inappropriate in the particular case of strategies. It is a kind of result of testing the response of reality to a certain action.

second, any error gives the chance to go in exploring the problem deeper or further, to look at it differently, in order to build to the goal another way, it forces us to learn, honing skills.

third errors develop creativity, because in some cases it is necessary to look for an unconventional approach.

fourth, they stimulate to development of unconditional love to yourself or to disclose or cultivation is not enough manifested, but the essential qualities and traits.

fifth, the errors do not allow us to go into the pride, because one who is always right about everything, it's hard to resist such temptation.

Warning comments critical reader of the validity of the errors in the fields associated with a risk of life to continue.

the mistakes of doctors, rescue workers, etc. are really irreparable. They then for years to come and learn, and then under the guidance of experienced mentors, is still much practised.

this same article was discussed about the bugs that sometimes prevent to live simply – to live safely and happily, and what you want.

With love, I...

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