the Child is a man, and adult, he just knows less and doesn't have much experience. Why teachers, parents and even psychologists can be heard the phrase: "He invents", "Specifically saying", "I Doubt that it was so". So for adults we believe unconditionally, and the child still needs to prove his honesty?

have You noticed that the story about the same event from the child and from the adult sounds in different ways. One of them is lying? Not necessarily, each tells his vision of the situation and that's how people that out of the whole series of events to select the points that represent him in a more favorable light, consciously or unconsciously omitting something that might make a bad impression.


Teacher complains of misconduct of the child in the camp. According to her story, the child's behavior was really unacceptable. It is later revealed that the child, a little boy became the instrument of hostility between the teacher and the girls high school, which of age, this camp shouldn't even be there. Through a child's warring sides argued with each other, he's more sluggish, and his behavior in those circumstances it was appropriate. Could the nine-year-old to recognize manipulation and not succumb to them? Hardly.

Second example:

there is a major problem, which is discussed in the school called the parents and gave the child unmotivated aggression. And here's what happened: a child of primary school poked with a compass, excuse me, in the ass teacher. Outrageous, isn't it?

Always interested in the views of the child in such situations. Talk to your mom, she sends me a dialogue with your child:

Ask: "Daughter, why did you do it, it's ugly and the teacher was hurt." The child has clarified the situation: "she Just leaned on my Desk and sing long and boring said." What would you better represent the situation, explain that the class single desks, and the girl was sitting against the wall. Ie the teacher literally put her baby back to the wall, consciously or unconsciously showing the neglect. You still consider the child ill?

So, considering deviant behavior of the child, always look for motive. Perhaps a child, just all right. And the most important thing parents can do to support him with their trust.

Natalia Janiga
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