The crisis is the potential

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the Crisis is the potential

What to do when the whole world is slipping from under their feet? What if the old Gods died and a new one opened? And the temple is no longer saving faith if you lost?

the crisis in fact may be tested by man in different periods of life, they are not associated with transitional age. Puberty – conditional samariterbund determination of all people, and people are very different, people are so individual and unique that the typical definition of a crisis of adolescence or middle age is already quite obsolete. The crisis – a reassessment of life values, it's the condition when you're trying to figure out what I did wrong and suffer from the fact that life, work, relationships or friends do not suit you.

People tend to be afraid of crisis, however, his arrival means three wonderful things: first this is what you live and change like a river that always moving and changing. Second is that it's time for your growth and self-acceptance, the test of true love to himself, and finally third the crisis is the potential in which there is such a wonderful opportunity for you that you even cannot imagine, because your mind is not yet rebuilt. The crisis is wonderful and it is a choice: the choice and adoption of new, or the agreement to remain in a static condition, both comfortable and comfortable. Warm and cozy in the old, wet swamp.

Suppose you are tired of work, you are tired to do day to day the same thing, turned into a robot who wants very different emotions, but the stability and habit prevail. What happens to your soul or psyche? Inside you formed the desire, very capacious, the desire to feel something different, but you deliberately lock it, ie suppressed. I like the expression Osho is: All you realized – you win, all that you have suppressed – beat you. Any repressed desire will definitely avenge you, and again come to the surface when life will offer a new change, but this habit may again not allow you to change the blocks will be doubled, and so on. It's your choice. A man, known to be free and chooses. If you intend to change and say, "I'm ready for the changes that will be where I was?" In this moment is born the potential and amazing possibility of the creation of the new. This is the meaning of all life to create the version of yourself that you want! At this point, even Warsaw consent to the change, you choose to become a victim of circumstances, other people's opinions about you and expectations that do not belong to you , or with great love and self-acceptance to create thought about how you want to imagine the picture in which you are happy and have a huge number of possibilities. The universe is abundant, it contains all the best capabilities, but you can only get them after overcoming the crisis, looking into the eyes of your fear.

Any area of your life that is experiencing a crisis, be it relationships or self-realization, communication with children or relatives, a signal to to the drawing Board. This is a lesson and lessons must be made, remember school. Since childhood we have homework, but somehow in life we leave the lessons for later, and what do you think, who decides for us? Yes we do and decide, with only one life there are few people who leave things for later and prefer to live tomorrow. It turns out everything is a joke, when it's tomorrow, it's been again today and had to wait for a new tomorrow. Life is infinite, but it has deeper meaning, everything is developing and all is joy and harmony when your life will become like this? When you allow her to finally live, not to see like a movie?

In the universe is not so much laws that people can live happily. One of these laws is free will. Man is free, he chooses. This means that in the moment of crisis, you need to make a choice and make it with love, without condemning yourself. Yes, you had not passed you had not taken such a serious decision and you are not afraid as now, but at this moment all waiting listens to you that you choose, to be happy or to be the victim of a despotic and evil in the world? From childhood we are taught that when we grow up, life will hit us on the head and teach us to defend ourselves. When I grew up, I noticed that life loves me and constantly provides me with opportunities, new possibilities. But the habit we for a long time protected. Why? Yes, because we are introducing something we all believe in ourselves and we choose to do someone else's idea their own. Everything changes when we realize this and itself awareness is already a great gift.

If we pass the crisis and solve a complex problem, typically before we start to pop up other Windows of opportunity and it seems that everything has escalated, everything tends to come to the surface, you changed jobs, changing family relations, changing environment and the man thinks he did something wrong, just as many had fallen on him. Actually – a huge explosion can be connected with tremendous stuff, which we wore inside. Like the hero of the film: "not Yet played in a box", which for 40 years did everything for his family, helped raise and educate children to not be able to live, to love, to prolate myself and realized that when he was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is huge blocks, it is the weeping of the cells in our body, which we ourselves have sent the program of destruction without taking themselves. Not taking the world and its possibilities, we voluntarily agree to destroy itself and permit the body to disease.

How old are you? Now imagine, how many years have your inner child changes how old he is waiting for your words of love to himself and thought: "I love and accept myself the way I am!" and if you look in the mirror, you can cry, uttering these words, because inside you your inner child is crying from excitement and sadness, he waited so long for this meeting and finally it happened.

Look back and accept yourself for who you were, accept their thoughts and actions and understand that all that you did, because you never loved yourself. And now everything will change, but often say to yourself these words and you will understand that you don't need that others said them to you, you will be happy from the awareness of its wholeness. And then others tell you that you say to yourself. And in that moment the universe rejoices, because she is willful, she is reasonable and needs no evidence. The proof is our life.

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