While some people are outraged by the increase in the retirement age, others are trying to cope with the joy of retirement. 
How I live now, what to do with 24 hours in a day? Well, 8 hours sleep the loan, and the remaining 16? 
Feel unwanted… 
Children are independent, my skills useless. See what's next. 
Happy are those who know what to do and what to take up your time, Hobbies, socializing, travelling, museums, books. Another job. For those who were not ready for what will have to build a new life without the old worries, retirement turns into a serious crisis. 

May already be someone before us, adults and the full force of the people of the early 21st century, solved this problem? Let's turn to the classics… 

“Many years ago there lived a Miller. 

And was the Miller's donkey is a good donkey, smart and strong. Worked donkey at the mill, carrying it on the back of coolies with flour and finally grow old. 

Sees host: weak ass, not do more work, and kicked him out of the house. Scared donkey: “Where I go, where go! I'm getting too old and weak”. 

One of the crises of adult life, the psychologists called “the crisis in retirement age”. People already “weak” for previous work and maybe not old and weak, but you need to make room for someone younger. And the first reaction is “a young retired”: “Where I go, where to go?” Or the second, after a month or two of forced rest. 

luckily the donkey in the fairy tale, he came up with a great idea: “I will Go to the German city of Bremen and become a street musician there”. 

Let me - why Bremen? And why a musician? Is he something know anything about music? What allowed the donkey to stay afloat, not to go into the ditch to expect death? The stubborn donkey? Energy? Fantasy? Belief in yourself? It is not clear. But he decided to go to Bremen. 

Quite a different situation from his fellow-travelers. The dog and the cat evicted from the house in connection with old age, did not have their own energy giving ideas: “What to do next, how to feed themselves - I do not know”. It is possible that if not for the donkey, going to Bremen, lost to animals. The cock own ideas too. So they went all together to the town of Bremen to become musicians there. 

of course, You remember that to Bremen friends never came, but it is not sad it! Indeed, in movement, joint activities, using their strengths they acquired the house, did a good thing for the neighborhood - drove out the robbers: 

“gone are the robbers of this forest forever. And the Bremen town musicians - donkey, dog, cat and rooster is left to live in their house happily ever after”. 

However, our “retired” showed such imagination, determination, courage, ability to work in a team, knowledge of their strengths and ability to use them, and the courage to try new things, I can't rule out that they are bored in the woods, and to Bremen will take. After all, the Bremen town musicians retired life, clearly, has just begun. 

in breéme (ger. Bremen [ˈbʁeːmən]) — a city in the North-West of Germany. Together with Bremerhaven is part of the land of the Free Hanseatic city of Bremen. Bremen, with a population of 551 767 residents (2015) is the tenth largest city in Germany.


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