Want to share with you my experience first going to the psychologist. As I reached him and gave me therapy.

going to the psychologist I have never caused fear. Rather, I wanted to go see him. But always been faced with the same problem – lack of money. Therefore, this issue was postponed until better times. But last year I suddenly realized that I do not see the meaning of life. Work has ceased to be fun, enough money to ensure the necessary health deteriorated (back chronic disease) and General mental state left much to be desired. A couple of months blame I suddenly realized why I have a chronic disease (for a minute, I could not cure for 12 years) and what I want to do. That's when I called my first therapist. The moon, a rehearsal of the request, and: "the Subscriber does not respond or is temporarily not available. Leave your message after the short signal... Piiii". I honestly did not expect such a turn, something mumbled into the phone and pressed the charge. A return call was not long in coming. Psychologist I almost immediately called back, found out the purpose of my call and scheduled an appointment the next day.

to Say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was afraid to be late, a hundred times come up with his story and was afraid that he would be my psychologist.

But the first meeting, I sit on the chair... and so easy at once was. As it turned out, my story was short-lived, very inconsistent and chaotic. The psychologist would listen attentively, ask clarifying and probing questions. And then began his story. He gave me some theory, which explained the essence of my problem. We have identified two issues with which we work (one stemmed from the other). And so began my therapy.

Each time I was given homework which I eagerly complied. Went to see him I almost 3 months. It should be noted that I just walked and ran to every meeting with him. I wanted to share the achievements that have occurred during the period of our separation. And the most interesting – until I needed it, I could always leave early from work that do not pertain to my current profession. Oh, how many tears shed from his office, how many lunatics, but at the same time and awareness: your problem, your condition and situation, your health and how I launched it. And most importantly – the answers were always on the surface, for some reason I did not see them.

Each of our meetings began with my story about where I am now: in which way, that I interfere/not interfere, go/stand/run, what is my inner state. And you know, it is always changing. Each time I became stronger. I began to feel my body and the clips that were causing my physical illness.

But one day I realized that I didn't want to go to my shrink. Everything works, I gained new skills that allow you to see the world in new ways, the disease has receded, and if they appear, then I know what to do with it. And that was my last day of going to the psychologist. By the way, that first day I was late for a meeting.

almost a year has Passed since the beginning of the therapy and the disease did not come, the skills became part of me. Of course, there are other aspects of life that I would like to solve with the psychologist (which I will do soon), but I am grateful to him for the help he rendered me.

You ask what has to give is a psychologist, so that was a positive result? Answer: first, it should not cause you disgust in communication. Be sure to take money for his work (the amount must suit you personally, so choose a consultant for your purse). Strictly!!! Should not give any ready-made solutions and advice. All solutions should come to you, and advice you may give each girlfriend a Cup of tea or some booze. If you are given homework, be sure to follow them. They will let you break, not to get it right first time (I, for example, didn't start their run). But they will help you to develop skills that will allow you to come to a new life.

And last, each of us already have a resource that will allow you to get out of any situation and the task of the psychologist to find him and help him to lean on.

Pljaskina Victoria
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