The crisis of the 30th anniversary: growth or stagnation in life?


currently, psychology is considered a different classification of age-related crises. In most interpretations of scientists in 30 years, there comes a crisis, which characterizes the transition in human consciousness from youth to maturity. And if the crisis of youth is accompanied by the formation and affirmation of a person in the important areas of his life and the social roles (work, family, love, friendship), the stage of the crisis of maturity he begins to analyze their progress with compliance plans and achievements. The subsequent ten years, every person establishes or changes the result.

What you need to understand at the same time?

  1. the Crisis is inevitable and no one will get his “sleep”, not to live, to Wake up in a different period without losses and wins.
  2. the task of the person that entered the crisis ‒ understand that the meaningfulness, awareness and desire to overcome all difficulties (fatigue, emotional imbalance, and volatility) depends on the presence of harmony within and balance with others. The scenario can be quite different.
  3. the Twist is that the crisis can be controlled, i.e., to guide in the right direction. However, you might be using other people's resources (as it is easier) and this path can be fraught, as it will attract outside influences, and therefore may be a false scenario for the person. The trick is that “prize” (the adequacy of) the future depends on self-selection, search, vision and reliance on their abilities, experience, competence, ability and opportunity as well as competent handling of hazards.

As a consequence, the crisis – it is always a choice. a Person understands what the task is before him, what he can't do by conventional means, but he has yet to choose new tools. Every crisis, as described, encourages people to seek identity.


What are the characteristics of crisis?

  1. young man lives with the sense that brightness life will not fade away and will only get stronger and better. But this is only an illusion, which begins to crumble it to 30 years, when it comes to the understanding that pleasure from getting something new is not enough and there's not a lot for feeling happy.
  2. close to 30 years of age when pleasure becomes a new very little a person first realizes that more is not better, but worse. And opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past never existed. It was an illusion. Starts breaking.
  3. out of the situation everyone is starting to find its own way, but more expressive: constantly changing jobs, sexual partners, moved to another area, looking for joy in wine or drugs. Placing yourself in new conditions of life, as if forcing himself to new pleasures, to identify them. He puts an imaginary idea in the subconscious that this trend is a growth of personality. Later comes the rethinking of past and lost interest in what is happening around, figuratively speaking, everyone is losing paint.
  4. there are days and weeks when it comes to the understanding that life goes in vain, values are destroyed, there is a psychological withdrawal.
  5. Comes the conviction that a happy life – not necessarily financially and socially successful.

now, the crisis is 30 years on the one hand makes the movement and development, on the other ‒ creates opportunities and encourages the disclosure of internal potential of the personality. What will life scenario for the subsequent period of life depends on the person.

you Need to understand that this crisis is a chance to come to life with the right insight to build her with joy and happiness. Seize this chance with all the possibilities is a resource that can properly dispose of only a wise, patient and strong person!

to do this will be discussed in the following publication.

I would appreciate feedback! Your psychologist, Catherine Agafonova

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