in 1978 psychoanalysts Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok has published a collection of articles "Shell and core". In their work they described the mental patients who have committed any of the actions, without understanding their reasons.

Everything happened as if there is an active Ghost who speaks for the people and even works for them. Further, it was suggested that the "Ghost" is nothing less than the identity of a long dead ancestor, which offspring prefer not to remember. The main cause of forgetfulness is a kind of shameful secret of life or death of this ancestor, as in the genus no longer wish to remember. For example, it was criminal, crazy, a drug addict, bankrupt, "incestuous", etc.
Around such a person creates an aura of silence from those who knew him and, therefore, the information about this relative does not reach posterity.
However, unconsciousness ("no"-write consciously) level of knowledge about this ancestor transmitted to the offspring via the dual unity ( mother-child). Thus there is a kind of "tomb with a birth secret" in the subconscious of the child.
Strictly periodically, this knowledge of the identity of the ancestor manifests itself in the actions and behavior of their offspring carrier, declaring itself as about some unresolved issue ( e.g., not repaid debts, not remorse for the crime, not cured of disease, military secrets, bound by the obligation not to disclose, etc.)

Anne Ancelin, Lutzenberger (France-USA) continued study of psychoanalysts Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok in the study of tribal mental programs. She came to the conclusion that the "family curse" - the phenomenon is quite real and even system. The result of their research, she published the book "the ancestors Syndrome". In addition, it also laid the foundations of psychogenetics new direction of modern practical psychology.
According to the basic idea of psychogenetic, genetic code, before the person's birth determines a large part of the prospects of life and basic patterns of behavior. Information about the experience of ancestors are stored together with information about a person's appearance in the DNA molecule. We can say that each of us is similar in appearance to that of an ancestor, whose negative flaws we passed on to study and resolve.
knowledge of the "bad" ancestor transmitted to us genetically, but a deliberate concealment about it puts that knowledge in the area of unconsciousness. So there is a "skeleton in the closet" or "blind spot" in knowledge about their ancestors. Because unconsciousness the person is not controlled, the "bad" ancestor seamlessly manifests itself in our lives. And in our destiny there is a problem, which is essentially a bad legacy of the ancestor. For example, if great grandfather had committed suicide from-for debts, without giving them, the debt will arise in your life. And already the task of the "heir" of these debts. Along with this will end the "family curse". And the subsequent generation will live better than we.

There is a famous assertion that ignorance of his ancestry makes a person unhappy. Modern science confirms the truth of this statement.
Scientists researchers constitute a so-called geneology. It fits all the near relatives in the male and female line, date of birth, date of marriage, illness, cause of death, etc.
miraculously, geosatsignal quickly demonstrates the regularity and even the consistency of some important generic phenomena.
for Example, one of my friend showed geosatsignal the death of unmarried men up to 38 years from water (drowning) in may-June. My friend was shocked that his century died 4 his relative on the paternal side is a generic program.
Our wise forefathers treasured the knowledge of the family tree. To all ancestral predecessors are treated with respect and taught their children. Now science is proving the benefits of such a tradition. Because in order to get rid of ancestral curse is enough to identify it and just realize it will lose its power and fall under the control of our consciousness.
it Turns out that destiny, fate, inevitable - no more than the genetic information that is transmitted in the family from generation to generation.
unfortunately, the statistics says that almost every family whose ancestors were ashamed, which thought that they are a disgrace to their family. But instead of addressing these problems, they simply tried to forget. And thus, the problems kind of went nowhere.
If a person wants to be happy, he must remember their ancestors, to restore a family tree, to recognize generic patterns.

Fizaliya Klemina
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