What is the mode of the day? mode of the day is the time allocation for various activities during the day.

Despite the fact that pediatricians, teachers, psychologists, all arms and legs "for" mode, many parents are expressing their opinion "against" mode.

Let's see in this thread. What mode of the day? What good is he? And what it is harmful for the baby?

so, the mode of the day:

☀ will help to avoid overstrain of the nervous system and the onset of apathy;

☀ increase work capacity, reduce fatigue;

☀ charging them with optimism and energy, will provide energy to perform all of the tasks;

☀ to improve the state of digestion and increase immunity.

in Addition to the above, teachers of preschool education recommended to teach children to follow the rules of order of the day with the most young age. Then they are easily formed habits of organization, discipline, order, and proper rest. Adhering to should be daily.

I agree with the recommendation of the preschool teachers, but I want to emphasize one detail. at what age to teach a child to the regime of the day, how to make and comply with, mainly depends on the family in which the child lives. From her domestic routine, its rhythm of life.


in the preparation of the daily routine of the child, in addition to the rhythm of life of a family must consider their biological clocks (rhythms) - "rectangle", "lark". Owls - late to bed, Wake up closer to lunch. Larks Wake up early in the morning and before sleep at night.


Also, you should consider the child's temperament and quickness of switching from one activity to another.

Temperament is an innate individual characteristic of the child, it is not subject to change. Type of temperament does not affect the ability of the baby, just some problems are easily solved by a child of the same type of temperament, another.


⚡Child - choleric. Played quickly - quickly calms down.

☀Child - sanguine. Slowly played out - quickly calms down.

🌀Child - melancholic. Quickly drawn slowly calms down.

☔Child - phlegmatic. Played slowly - slowly calms down.

How to enter the mode of the day in the life of the child?

since we are talking about a child aged 1 to 3 years before it to accustom to the mode, first begin to follow this routine. Baby at this age is still very dependent on mom, the family (the first step to separation from the family he would do in 3 years when they start to form "I"), so first you, then him. So it will be easier and easier for all family members. When you will begin to easily adhere to the routine and you is not difficult to cook porridge at 8 am, for example, then the child enter day mode.

If you are together with the baby to get used to the mode of the day, most likely that "fall through" mode. To change the order of the day is always stressful, both for you and for baby. So you, the parents, need to be resilient and stable, first, you get used to the regime, then the child.

I Want to stress that the mode of the day it is important to introduce the child gradually, as the first solid foods. It may take a week, maybe 3-4 days, focus on the child's condition. One day completely change the order of the day. This will cause a lot of stress and anxiety in the child.

Enter the mode of the day, when the baby is completely healthy and nothing disturbs. If it hurts, not so long ago, vaccination, teething, etc., then the mode of the day should be postponed.


That can disrupt the daily routine of the child?

⛔ Inadequate physical activity.

⛔ Enthusiasm for watching TV, computer, tablet.

⛔ the Later guests.

⛔ Violation power mode.

⛔ Change of environment (relocation or change of bed - another room, another bed).

the mode of the day should be flexible and strict at the same time. To strictly observe the hours eating, sleeping and waking. And flexible in planning activities.


If day mode is missing or malformed for the baby, then:

⚠ the child becomes cranky and overexcited, or slow;

⚠ the child becomes distracted and inattentive;

⚠ doesn't want to play the game;

⚠ it would be hard to sleep and hard to Wake up;

⚠ impaired appetite.

the behavior of the child affects the family and family relations.


the mode of the day is stability. And where there is stability, then there is security. And only in a safe environment children develop maximally.

Security and stability - one of the basic needs of children. And the task of parents - to meet their needs.

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