The Decline Of Motivation. Fabulous story


the Decline in Motivation was looking out the window and sadly sighed: “As I'm tired of this Sisyphean task! Damn the Pareto Effect is not given to me! I have – all the way around! 80 percent effort and 20 percent result! How tak?!».

                        Our hero fell into despair with persistence worthy of a better life. Energy is not added. And I must say, the success of something he was glad he had them, but worn out Joy, discolored. New net!

                        “Call on whether a Joke – Old Friend.», - he thought. Came Joke – well, let's have some fun! “no, Not something, I'm sorry, I want one Pobiti».

                        lo and Behold – and on the other side of the window on insurance down someone! In the suit, all business! “So there is an Effective Business Coach!"- the guess has flashed. “You we Nada!».

                        Opened a window on the full. “Hey, dude, what are you doing here?», - with the question asked. “Yes, I am, brother, you know, here on the roof of the training was conducted on the personal, so to speak, efficiency”. “And do not tell you how to live according to the precepts of Pareto?”. “Well, it's just – to do what is effective and what is ineffective – not to do”. “there it is! Thank you, I did not know this! You have a very good?”. “you know, something I, my brother, tired. Like work, and forces less. I need a vacation to recover? Yes, customers are not allowed”. “Listen, let me instead of you to work with? The growth you and I have one, and the size of the clothes, probably, too”. “lets do it!”. Hit rukum.

                        the Business coach came in through the window, unfastened insurance and they clothes to change. Dressed, the Decline of Motivation walked across the room, settled into a new role, cheered, lifting felt. “How am I supposed to introduce myself? What can I say?”. “think about it, because I feel that creativity increased?”. “But I'm gonna say to them that I am your brother, cousin, and call me – a Business Bigwig!”. “Dude, you just made my evening!”. “And you – what now?”. “I to Karelia rush, rafting on the river, I love it!”. On that poreshili.

                        Each, changing the context of their initial situation, begins to feel special. Going beyond the usual, tried and tested – will pay off handsomely. You only connect the imagination. Someone needs a vacation, and someone – a new model of behavior or a new skill like our two heroes. Context change – and change the way of thinking that entails getting rid of its outdated attitudes, the transformation of the relationships or out of them, if they are not satisfied, transformation of the image “I” in the direction of acceptance and development. This process is possible when caring, sensitive attitude to what is happening to you, to your needs. Here the ability to use their own abilities – you pomoshi!

                        So, making responsible steps by asking for help if it is needed, you can move to improve the quality of your Life to overcome difficulties, to please myself and to share joy with others.    

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