The degree of trust the man


If you like - you like! If you no longer love is nepopravimoe. But if it constantly happens neither - nor? It is impossible to classify and clearly identify your relationship with a loved one. In this case, it is important to understand the degree of trust your to him, and him to you.

you are paramount, it will be important to determine the real relation to you loved one. And to decide as to whether after these calculations are his favorite or not. But the trouble is that it is impossible to do.

what's good in the ideal, is unrealistic in life. Your man seems to be always here with you... not with you at the same time. That seems to be you can always speak to him with a request for important to you Council.

But love is not required, it does not prompt for the occasion. And look silently at the rain drops running down the glass, and think about my: about myself, about him, about impossible. And often that is impossible, is really unnecessary. And it can be no wonder it did not happen, did not happen.

trust in the relationship involves equality. The ability to simultaneously address each other and not to calculate benefits, not to count mistakes. Trust - it just is, or it is replaced by some surrogate.

How would you be beneficial not built their interaction with a partner, a cardboard house can instantly disintegrate if olshanii no sincerity. When not in a difficult moment to rely on a loved one. And how close is he to you then? There is nothing worse than to have confidence in the person who is not worth it.


Starting to communicate with someone, it is advisable at least mentally, on the basis of their observations, to test the degree of reliability of the partner. You don't have to give him a test of strength. Just look with open eyes, sensitive ears listen, don't take the visible for the truth, and wishful thinking.

still want to know, to be sure that somewhere in the world lives a man - reliable, true, your. The man on whom you can always rely on. The appropriate scale your own personal trust meter.


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