of Course, spelling errors are not detected. It is the "demon" that which confuses, stultify, lead a person to degradation and the inability sober view of life.

Live a sober...and you will be happy!

Sober is not only about abstinence from alcoholic drinks, distorting objective what is happening around you. It's still about the adequacy of perception of the world.

Think of Erasmus of Rotterdam and his immortal work, satire, relevant to any historical period "Praise of folly":
"Indeed, the two great obstacles stand in the way of a proper understanding of things: shame, fills the soul, like a fog, and the fear that in the face of danger keeps you from bold decisions. But the stupidity with surprising ease and banishes shame, and fear."

Shame and fear here are in a very strange tandem. Shame exclusively human quality, socially determined, they are going through in different States and having different polarity in their color.

Shame can be destructive and constructive. At the same time, shame is a litmus test of social control when a person feels a part of this world, and to a certain extent aware of the responsibility for their thoughts, actions and deeds.

Fear is biologically determined mental state associated with the survival instinct, as a reaction to the danger, and, as arising, in contact with danger, and the desire to prevent and avoid.

the Shame and the fear of stupidity atrophied. They are alien to the criticism..But in the resilience of stupidity, there is something ugly and repulsive. Stupidity paralyzes social quality, distorts the moral beliefs of a person in order to denigrate and debase all the world and himself.

Now there is an acute shortage that is wisdom.
After all, pay attention, would-be coaches or nezobrazovat excitedly talk about the wonders of your craft. "Get happy!", "Be successful!", "Become a great writer (an artist, singer, etc.)"

And at the same moment it becomes fashionable to "be a psychologist", "therapist". Jaded meme about the man on the couch is not funny, and absurd.

the forecast of the companies, the mental virus infected amateurism, said Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "the smatterers" is disappointing, to say "hopeless."

As already mentioned by Erasmus:

Wisdom makes people timid, and because at every step you see of the sages living in poverty, in hunger, in the dirt and neglect everywhere have only contempt and hatred. To fools the same floating money they hold in their hands the helm of government and all kinds thrive

But freed from the fear to Express yourself, fool (or fool) is no longer responsible for their actions. Their actions are increasingly impulsive, uneven, and needs rigidly fixed on the biological and material (food, sex, lust for power, lust for money).

a Sense of shame, if persists, is not captured.

And metaphorically just a demon. Small, petty, cynical, greedy, pounding their hooves on the crown of the fools and the ignorant, invading the limits of their brain activity, devouring the gray matter, prihramyvaya relish.

the Demon brain - the devil is desperate nonsense.

the Demon evil - demon of arrogance and hypocrisy.

the Demon evil - demon of lust and debauchery, often hiding under the guise of religious...

is There a way out of this impasse, out of this Kingdom of the senses?

Wisdom comes with the realization and revaluation of the self, their actions, thoughts, ideas. Wisdom comes with age, on the contrary, in some cases, when sudomie and the tyranny it moves away from the man...

But to be wise is terrible. I will have to look at ourselves and see the flaws in yourself, rethink your life scenario...What will power requires Wisdom from the man, giving in return the boundless inner freedom, invulnerability and peace of mind, opening new doors in the World.

Arkhangelsk Nadezhda
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