For me there is a difference between "efforts" and "make yourself."

in order that something new was formed, I went beyond my current level, efforts should be made.
If I learn how to write good lyrics.
Or I decided to get into shape and become healthier.
When I go to psychotherapy.


I need to make time for it.
to attend classes or to study something.
stay focused.
Without this just will not in good shape, no awareness in psychotherapy, nor growth in the quality of the texts.

And what I'm doing, in form to other people can be very similar to "force myself".
And I often say "Nastya, well, why are you so much overtraining, don't push yourself!"

For me there is a difference between these two formulations.
I Force myself when I have no desire to do and "necessary".
for Example, I hate the current work, but forced myself to go to her because I need the money.
Or when I call not because they want to, in order to save the relationship.
Or when you operate excessively, and after experiencing periods of intense anger and disgust.
I move Like a drunken sine.
Then a strong takeoff, then a sharp drop.

And that is the main difference for me - in the case of "endeavour" -it is my conscious choice and understanding of what I'm doing this for myself. I want to be. It's important to me.
while in the situation of forced myself is kind of forced and not my choice. br>
I feel this process as the flight between the powerlessness and disgust, which is accompanied by strong physical and emotional fatigue.
And if in the first case, fatigue kompensiruet sleep and a couple days of rest, in the case of cluttered - this fatigue is not almost because there is still the source of the surge.

At the same time, I understand that "life is not a bed of carpets" and we really are deprived of choice.
And are held hostage to this "need" not "want" and "can".
But if I want to exit the loop where I constantly have, it is just important to "make every effort" in the direction of the exit.

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Zagradska Anastasia
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