first and foremost, you need to draw a parallel between such similar concepts as "self-esteem" and "self-esteem". It often happens that a person talks a lot about self-esteem, taking it for self-esteem, and Vice versa.

the Difference between them lies in the nature of the origin.

self-esteem comes from the emotional component of human perception itself, and the relationship of others to the person. While self – esteem is a dimension of rational-critical sense of self, i.e. the assessment himself on the basis of intelligent consideration of their qualities, skills in accounting for their shortcomings.

self-Esteem is the norm, change which can only manifest in the weakening. There is no concept of "excessive self-esteem". To determine an exaggerated self-esteem it is customary to use the term "pride".

on the other hand, self-esteem can be too low and exaggerated, due to the inability of objective comprehension of its essence.

Excessively high/low self-esteem manifests itself in the inability to adequately assess their chances of success in a particular activity, underestimation/overestimation of one's skills, etc.

Weak self-esteem or its absence is characterized by disregard for ethical norms, the abandonment of principles, following the humiliating behavior.

There are a number of criteria that determine a person has feelings of self-esteem. The main ones are:
- Integrity. Self-esteem involves adherence to certain patterns of behavior that involve a strict rejection of the actions of humiliating human dignity (servility, splendidest, subservience).
- the Presence of moral-value orientations or means of evaluation of the surrounding reality on the basis of which man builds his own line of conduct.
- Ability to recognize and accept their own shortcomings and to preserve a sense of self worth in society.
- Self-control. The ability not to return meanness for meanness, but the ability to adequately defend their dignity.

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