The difference in perception of men and women.


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We are different and that's fine! My wife uploading photos to instagram, drew attention to the fact that one of the pictures the lights look similar to hearts. The emotions from her were many and she shared them with me. Me how man, these hearts together with the lights, as they say, it is exactly. Of course, we quickly discussed the situation and smiled. br>
This is a very good example of how we perceive the world around us. You can't blame or count immature women. They have the emotional world much brighter and richer than our male. Nature made is not just. Lots of emotions, lots and lots of love have kids at least until years and women cope very well with this problem because so are the instincts. A man is not able to fully enrich the emotional world of the little man. br>
it is Impossible to take offense at men for what they stale crackers and considered them cruel. Yes, our emotional world is much poorer than women's, but only due to our natural qualities in the distant caveman times, women can be assured that they and their children will not go hungry. It is the calm, prudence and strength, the lack of affect and dryness gave the chance of a successful hunt before. Now these qualities are applied in a tough competitive environment, where there is no place to emotions and need cold sober calculation.

Friends, each as two sides and only depends on us what we choose: to use family strengths or to fight with the cons. We can be offended that we think is unacceptable or to understand a completely different universe that lives near you and at times to increase the advantages of each other. br>
This theme is basic to the understanding of the relationship between men and women and we are very, very detailed analysis on our basic course "the Second respiration of love", where we will give you a complete system that allows to answer almost all the questions that have spouses in the course of life, ranging from misunderstandings, conflicts, scandals and ending with a real warmth in the relationship and bright intimate life.

We help you understand the importance of each other in your life to learn to value relationships, cherish relationships to each other. Our students easily solve the problems that more than half of these families lead to divorce.

We don'T use esoteric, NOT pumped chakra, do NOT read the mantras. We give clear, effective, simple, scientifically sound techniques that can be applied to the here and now. We gathered, studied, tested, and refined over six years.

Igor Chirkin
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