The differences between a psychopath, a schizoid, a narcissist, a beanbag round


Why a schizoid can't be a psychopath? What characteristics distinguish a beanbag round and a narcissist from a psychopath?

so, the difference from schizoid psychopath is that the schizoid personality type focuses on the content itself through objects (books, work, Hobbies, various activities). He is isolated from society, not attached to people and doesn't need them. Schizoids prefer classes that can be trained alone, not to be in the team. Many of them are a creative person, I studied philosophy, interested in spiritual practices or meditation.

Psychopaths, unlike the schizoid type can't be alone. They are filled through people and their manipulative schemes. The more manipulation and power, inspired terror and a response of intense fear and fright, the more satisfaction is received by a psychopath. He lives for it.

What distinguishes a psychopath from a beanbag round?

  1. psychopaths Have no feelings, they are wonderful actors and play the selected role. It is necessary to show guilt, shame or fear? No problem – their eyes will Express the "true" and needed for this time feelings, facial expressions and gestures only confirm the sincerity. Psychopaths create a nice wrapper of his life – they have a relationship, all the rules of society, but deep inside they don't understand the nature, need and value of human relationships.
  2. travmatika have feelings, but he tries to hide. The face of a man will in the truest sense of the word stone. In some situations he really doesn't understand why he needs to feel something. A great example of the kind of traumatic in action is the series "the Bridge" and the storyline of the girl detective Saga Noren, who directly asked the question: "What is the relationship? Why do they need me?". And directly in the area of relationships, she had no idea what to do, as for her notion of what a relationship meant exclusively sexual contact.

Quite often there are situations when people who are called psychopaths, are actually travmatiki. Because of his psychological trauma they are cold outside and visually seems to feel no pain. In fact travmatiki really can not feel as deeply hidden from the outside world her soul, who after a childhood too painful situation. However, this does not mean that they will not be able to experience genuine feelings, they just in this necessary assistance.

Differences between a psychopath from a narcissist is insignificant, because psychopathy is an extreme form of narcissism. But narcissism can be cured, and the manifestations of psychopathy – no. In addition, narcissism is an acquired trait and is formed at the age of 2-4 years, psychopathy is a congenital personality disorder. The "average" form of narcissism is sociopathy.

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Larisa bandura
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