The disappearing male


Client cases with the question of women "how to understand my the vanishing man?" is not so rare. Beautiful and smart women "don't understand" the true motivation of a relationship, if a man periodically falls out of the contact area - the man's not calling, not writing... no desire to once again see you, to spend some time together in the day.. And in such situations, customers appear very different guesses. They do not clear such tactics.

If a woman thinks that, the true reason lies in the particular obstacle: not enough free time, travel, frequent "ailments" came the mother, etc. – the real cause is often elsewhere. Either the man is married, or has several such contacts, perhaps there is a hidden shadow part of the personality, perhaps he is not ready for a serious relationship and scare him hints about the family, and for all this most likely is a woman just not like him. And if you hear constant excuses, excuses, then it is worth considering whether such a man? And don't be afraid to say that these volatile relationships, You don't like. Man must understand that You are open, trusting, and stable relationships.

What do you do if a man after this conversation disappear forever? Nothing! So this man is not exactly Your happy and will not do. Incorrect are soothing women think that he is shy and just You're not used to it, he had problems with self esteem..and it will get better.

no and No again! If a woman is interesting, cause feelings, the man will necessarily manifest themselves to your activity. Distance, work, etc. will not stand in his way.

Yes, it can be extraordinarily beautiful, and his smile just drives You crazy. It can be attention, politeness, open the door to You car and even calling on a few dates... But how to interpret strange messages that you don't know how to interpret? What about those times when you tried to understand what you did wrong and why he disappeared for a while? Here is not a genuine relationship, the motives which should or should not understand. After all, if sense is what it is and have other relationships. And, do not forget that man of the inherent nature and desire to be in a relationship initiative, the desired want to, because the man is a hunter ... in this demonstration of masculinity. A loving man will not make your woman a toy, not going to manipulate her feelings. So, value yourself, love real man, each must appear in Your life!

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