– Well and good. – Anna Petrovna sighed – as if in relief-and wiped his hands with a towel.

across from her, near the door, stood a daughter Olga. Near Olga was a big, clumsy bag, and in her eyes there stood, not daring to run down her cheeks, tears.

she just broke up with Stas, a young man with whom he lived for six years. In General, a bit, but if you only was in your life twenty-two – it is much…

– I always said that he doesn't fit. Finally will be able to find someone better.

she sniffed. Anna Petrovna came and reassuringly hugged his daughter:

– Well, you will. Really upset? Because of this reptile? Hm. It is not necessary. They are not worth it. Now you will help things out. Room well your I is not occupied, and worth everything as you left it. Was waiting for you. Didn't think so you long enough. Well, okay, thing of the past. Come on, come on.

she pushed a caring mother's hand, on padded feet went to my children's room. Her heart was, frankly, disgusting. Not just because of how stupid and suddenly everything happened with Stas (he said something – she said – he raised his voice – now they are yelling at each other, like a madman – and so she frantically stuffed in the bag the clothing and makeup), but because she seems to be played prepared for her role in another violent play.

– here I am, when your father ran away, to be honest: he thanked God. As they say, a woman with a cart-the Mare is easier. – Anna Petrovna, apparently to celebrate the return of his daughter, became unusually talkative. – And with this, remember him, uncle Sasha, a plumber who… And after Lev Medvedev has decided – the most easier. So don't worry. Main – that we have each other, and each other, we always support… – It is already cleverly laid the clean sheets on the unusually narrow for Olia bed.

“yeah. So, - smiled grimly to himself dear. – And the child I bear you will, right? God, how would you make it easier, if you have in your life was anything but me…”

the Future at this point was drawn to her in the darkest colours.

– Oleg, what is it? – Only radically curved brow on the stone face of Vadim betrayed some emotion.

Oleg tensed: he couldn't stand this arrogant, icy tone of the chief.

– a progress Report.

– This is not a report but an essay, which was written mentally retarded third grader. You really think I will accept it?

Oleg ground his teeth.

– to Alter. Still empty.

Leaving the office, Oleg mentally spat Vadim in the face. Directly in a brazen, arrogant face. There is a need, so love to humiliate people…

When he closed the door, Vadim leaned back in his chair and pursed his lips. Got slow-witted. Though he do all the work, really…

the Desk phone rang.

Visiteuses name immediately herded dozhdlivoe face Vadim.

– Yes, Pavel Andreyevich! – often he cheerfully into the phone. – Hello! Of course! Today, do not worry! Yes, of course! Yeah! Yeah…

the Tube is passively silent. Vadim turned off the phone and shivered. I really wanted to shake off the sticky, miserable helplessness. He was not sure that he is doing.

And it's always. It looks like some sort of supporting pillar of the universe – well, at least the human psyche. A kind of universal: you can't do anything not doing with him. Not done before or will do in the future. The repertoire is always the same… And like it or not, and have to refer to it – regardless of whether you like it or not.

Therefore, those who wish others loneliness themselves alone. Spiteful critics remain tete-a-tete with his anger. Yes, they have those who closely follow other people's failures, ever do (not wish success to another – unconsciously do not want it myself). Women who methodically bred friends and acquaintances, full of seams in your personal life (do not believe in someone else's love – I do not believe in their own). Those who like to manipulate, the first will lead to someone else's manipulation. Arrogant, contemptuous towards other people, as a rule, deep down despise themselves (and by the way, often causes the desire to communicate with them coldly and haughtily). And limits the movement, development and the freedom of others is usually one who is sitting indoors – and no matter how many money (and how, incidentally, missed opportunities in the past).

This mechanism, along with the Internal actions of the Executioner, – one of the main “stitched” protection, that is to say, misuse of martial hypnosis. And we again urge you to think carefully over whether to use the described patterns for selfish purposes, to achieve some illusory “power”, etc. Because the one who spoils the life of others (especially knowingly and intentionally), equally spoil her and yourself…

And, by the way, it's wonderful any time to honestly reconsider some of their characteristics and inclinations that previously it was possible to have a Flirty, loving-hating relationship. “Oh, I'm so sarcastic, I can't seem to learn to keep my mouth shut. I will tell people something important, I joked, and he then takes offense, what am I to do with myself…” well, Well. Understanding that exactly the same thing we do with ourselves (Yes, hurt themselves, Yes, appreciate ourselves, Yes, we block and repress themselves) usually creates tension, which is necessary to give – sincerely – like “stuff”. For it is not only annoying and sometimes embarrassing to live in such style, but also often insecure…

This mechanism of equilibrium (the monotony of the repertoire) has another branch, which will be useful to say right now. K. G.Yung wrote that the external world does not disturb nothing, if not within ourselves. And that, friends, is a valuable source of self-understanding – and at the same time establishing relations with others. The recipe is simple: when you realize that someone's behavior annoys you (offended, angry, catchy, and provokes a negative reaction, makes news with his “media” long debate in my head), instead of annoyed, mad or something to suffer, it is better to ask yourself the question: when I(a) do? Where is it in me? As a rule, subject to some internal integrity (honesty – a best friend reflective and, generally speaking, happy man) quickly reveals a list of “where” and “when”. And once “releases” on the subject of the other. And then it becomes possible to deal with them, something to change, improve – and live happier.

the same applies to manipulation in all their ugly variety. Keep in mind that if you “being” for some specific effects: can't say, to stand, when someone makes unhappy eyes, or letting yourself look sick, or intimidates you, – so we use the same techniques. Again the magic question (“where?”, “when? “who?”, “why?”), truthful answers, work on yourself – and you can say “no” and go their own way, without losing the favor of the manipulator.

Yes, friends, a large personal security (don't want to write invulnerability, because it is the "positive infinity", to which you can aspire, but which it is impossible to achieve) – is the fruit of a deep inner maturity.

so, back to what we wrote above, put the focus on the main thing: in our book a lot of information about the specific ways in speech (and not just behavior) that's great to interact with someone else's unconscious. Just before, during and after you need to remember: it always works in both directions. Blocking the person something, you block it yourself. These things need to adopt to protect – your values, your purpose, freedom of thought and feeling, their relations and friends, respectively, their values, purpose, identity, etc. to help those who want (often unconsciously) to improve their facilities, beliefs, and behaviors. But attempts to use them as “offensive grenades” to dissipate of its own insanity, expressed in a verbal form – is not a good idea. Unsafe, as we have said.

And here say this also. When it comes to the question “what is useful and what is not?” (of course, in the psychological sense of the word), to find out the true sense of the situation is not as difficult as it may seem.

it is Enough to ask yourself the question: what would happen if all people will do that? It will be useful to mankind or not? It will help him grow, to evolve, to become stronger, wiser, smarter? Yes? Great, go ahead! No? Turn before it's too late.

Therefore, dear friends, grow up and be free, help each other, be engaged in fascinating business, have children and live in wonder and happy. And this is what you need!

© Alex and Maria Afanasieva, Svetlana Gradova, Alain Samitova

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