the Classic game of victim-persecutor-rescuer is played perfectly, and in a large scale. People the victim, whose condition is a priori oppression, whose desires are not satisfied, and in General, unfairly offended by the power, which does not satisfy his desires and needs. And the government in General - "the Stalker", which (from their point of view) consider their position is fair, to satisfy the desires of the victims is not going to, and continues to pull out all her juices, taking actions that continue to hurt the victim. In the role of "rescuer" are the individual public organizations, MPs and even (candidates) presidents that promotes itself as saviors of the victims (the people) from her suffering and at the same time, declaring the punishment of the Stalker (power) according to his merits.

All three are perfectly able to shift responsibility to each other. All three are excellently protected from taking responsibility for their lives. All three of them in the right situations perfectly able to juggle roles: people may at some point become a persecutor, e.g. "revolution" or just pickets, etc.. So the government can at some point become a lifeguard, graciously and "responsibly" providing immense prosperity to the people in emergency situations. And the "people's representatives" can be victims - how more "clear" to explain to the people their unfulfilled promises to rescue "good" people and punish "bad" power?

And while all three are playing this game - "this music will be eternal". And out of this vicious eternal circle infantile role - not so simple as it seems, every participant of this game. The authorities see the solution of all the problems that would have stopped chasing all sorts of "rescuers" that prevent to correctly work, and the people finally took up the satisfaction of their needs. Rescuers seen a solution of all problems in the restoration of justice "to put all bad and good, to redistribute power, and then they very next day will save the suffering people". Well, people seen a solution that would the authorities finally turned their attention on them, their needs and satisfy them, and that this process is followed carefully, the rescuers elected officials.

And, paradoxically, but psychologists as well clear that all three participants of this game are interested in the endless continuation of the game, and that their condition remained unchanged. So even if someone has one for a brief moment try to escape from this "vicious" triangle - the other two he quickly returned to place. And as a psychologist it is well known that even the attempt of realizing its role in this game is very simple.... And so the real way out of this warm swamps – requires tremendous efforts (intellectual, moral, spiritual, and physical) from all three players. In the life of the individual there's an easier way to interrupt a triangular relationship, and to begin the hard work on them in tandem with the psychologist, what would a new relationship with new people forming already with the responsible adult position. But you can't divorce people from the government and "people's representatives", and who can be a "psychologist" in such a scale – is unclear. So this relatively simple option, that scale's not working. What remains to do?

Vasiliy Proskura
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