Early development – it is an organized learning process of the child under the age of 3 years, which allows them to gain certain knowledge, learn new skills necessary for a successful transition to adulthood. So in the abstract formulation of this concept on the Internet. And if you try a little deeper to understand this issue? the
first, the early development includes the physical, emotional, mental and psychological development. That is in simple terms that the child grew and developed in accordance with established standards, the child needs to do from birth, it's certain. the
second, what are these standards, who has established, and the child, and to whom? 😬
And third, who, how and what they should do with the child.  

   the indexes of physical development are indicators of weight, height, circumference of head and chest of the child. These indicators are usually evaluated by a pediatrician, and focuses on standards development baby months, submitted to who. Also in the evaluation of physical development includes the period and amount of slotted teeth and motor activity of the child.
Harmonious physical development of the child contributes to: good nutrition (better guards), massage, gymnastics, water treatments, hardening (this can be simply air baths).
  Emotional development. Everything is simple: the baby needs his mother. If the mother shows love to his child, emotional deprivation does not threaten him. The more bodily contact, hugs, kisses, songs, and conversations, the better.  Psychological and mental development. Here we are talking about the development of language skills, perception, attention, memory and thinking. And again, the important factor is compliance to norms according to age stages. the
  Rules psychophysical development of children from birth set by the who. But here we must note most importantly, each child is unique and born with their defined data source. So you need to understand that the standards are pretty conditional! Your child does not necessarily have to meet them. A qualified specialist accepts these norms as a benchmark, but evaluates the individual child, taking into account many factors.
and finally, developing lessons with the child. On average up to 3 years of a child  needs maximum communication with the mother! This is his main need for harmonious development.

  so, what can be referred to developmental classes for children from 0 up to 1 year? Here, basically we are talking about the physical development of children and direct the development of motor skills. Another important factor is the development of sensor technology.
currently become a popular variety of educational centers for kids, and almost from the birth of the child, young mothers are invited to come with him to class. And whether the child at such a tender age, to attend special educational classes? No, they're baby doesn't need! Everything you need for the harmonious development of the child can make mom, well dad, if you have the desire and opportunity. 😉
  For the development of sensory toddler during the games with them my mom usually invites him to see and touch various objects, fabrics, toys, rattles, etc products, as well as walks with him, talks to, sings to him and even turns the music on. That is, familiarizes the child with the surrounding world through its receptors. Thus, the development of sensor technology is the Foundation for the mental development of children. the
Children under one year do not require any special techniques, books and cards, at this age they are not interested, if only to break up and chew on it😄.
So, dear parents, love your children, care for them and the likelihood of any developmental problems will be minimized.

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