According to the results of one I conducted psychological training "Holotropic breathing. The classical approach" a study was conducted to identify the correlation of anxiety and phobic and depressive States of clients before and after breathing sessions.

the survey involved 100% of training participants is 18. Gender and age structure as follows: 11 women and 7 men, mean age 32 years (from 23 to 46 years).

To determine the alert level was applied a questionnaire Charles D. spielberger. The choice of this test was motivated by a high degree of reliability and time-tested deciding factor in the choice test was the presence of differentiation according to the test results of "situational anxiety" and "personal alarms". The test was developed in 1973. According to the concept C. D. spielberger, we must distinguish between anxiety as a state and anxiety as a personality trait. Anxiety is a reaction to the danger, real or imaginary, the emotional state of fear besubjected diffuse, uncertain sense of threat, unlike fear which is a response to a definite danger.

Anxiety is an individual psychological feature consisting in increased tendency to experience anxiety in various situations, including those objective characteristics which predispose to it are not. From the point of view of the author, there is the possibility of measuring differences between these two types of mental manifestations. Understanding anxiety in theory, Charles D. spielberger is determined by the following provisions:

1. A situation in which person a threat or personally significant, cause him anxiety. Subjectively, anxiety is experienced as an unpleasant emotional state varying intensity.

2. The intensity of the experience anxiety proportional to the degree of threat or significance as causes of emotions. From these factors depends on the duration of feelings of anxiety.

3. Perfectionism individuals perceive situations or circumstances that potentially contain the possibility of failure or threat, more intense.

4. The alarm is accompanied by changes in behavior and mobilize protective mechanisms of the person. Repetitive stressful situations lead to typical protection mechanisms.

the Concept Spielberg was influenced by psychoanalysis. In the case of anxiety leading role it assigns to the relationship with parents in the early stages of child development, and specific events leading to fixation of fears in childhood, in many ways the ideas of H. Spielberg patogeneza of anxiety resonate theoretical settings.Grof and its systems of condensed experience (SKO), basic circuits, which gain their shape as in early childhood, and the embryonic stage of development, which occur during holotropic breathing.

the First scale (STAI X-1 the first twenty questions) to determine how the person feels now, at this moment, that is to diagnose the current status, and set the second scale (STAI X-2 the second twenty questions) aimed at determining how the subject feels on the diagnosed anxiety as a personality trait. The results of testing were identified: the level of personal anxiety the group average was 50 points (out of possible 80, high register). A range of indicators from 39 to 56 high, the client with severe hysterical personality accentuations. The level of anxiety, on a scale of Spielberg the average for the group was 44 per ball (minimum 31, maximum 54) high levels of anxiety can be attributed to the novelty of the situation (strangers, test, first experience of holotropic breathing in 6 people).

for re-testing, on the second day of the training discussed the feelings, experiences of customers, given a subjective rating of the change. Have received positive feedback from customers: a sense of inner harmony, silence, a sense of perspective is most often spoken in the feedback, two participants said that after a session of holotropic breathing they were able to remove a number of interpersonal issues (including dead relatives – "I let them go," said one of the clients. Other identified positive transformation in his relationship with his mother, after the experience of re-birth during the breathing session. In General, subjective descriptions by clients of the mental States demonstrate a positive post-therapeutic dynamics

According to the results of the surveys revealed: average level of situational anxiety decreased from 44 points to 33 (the minimum value in this time 25, max 39 points). The level of personal anxiety declined from 50 to 36 (at the minimum 29, maximum in group 44), that shows positive trends in therapy. It should be noted that in addition to reducing the level of personal and situational anxiety in the group reduced the range of the maximum and minimum values of dispersion indicators became less, they became closer to the average, normal levels.

in Addition to measuring the therapeutic effect of holotropic breathing in dealing with anxiety was investigated the level of depression before and after sessions. Testing was conducted on the same sample and at the same time that the test anxiety level. Was applied depression scale proposed by A. T. Beck in 1961 and developed on the basis of clinical observations that helped to identify a limited set of the most relevant and significant symptoms of depression and are most commonly imposed on patients complaints. After matching this list of parameters with clinical descriptions of the depression contained in the appropriate literature, questionnaire was designed, which includes 21 the category of symptoms and complaints. Each category consists of 4-5 statements that match the specific manifestations (symptoms) of depression. These assertions are ranked according to increasing specific contribution of the symptom in General, the severity of depression.

Studies depression levels prior to holotropic breathing has shown 8 points, which corresponds to a slightly higher average (minimum 5, maximum 10 points). Repeated testing showed that although not significant, but still positive trend in reducing the level of depression the group average of 6.3 points (minimum 6, maximum 7), the results of therapy.

According to the results of the home study, we can confidently say that holotropic breathing has rapid and good therapeutic effect in working with the client. 2 hours that lasted the breathing session, managed to achieve significant, verifiable test apparatus, reduce anxiety, phobias and depression. This method of operation can be widely applied in consulting work as professional psychologists who have undergone training in transpersonal techniques of psychotherapy and psychotherapists, doctors faced in their work with clients with fears, various phobias, and depressive patients.

In conclusion it should be noted that holotropic breathwork has a wide range of problems the problems to be solved, it is well-established in the work of the PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, panic attack, dystonia, fear, phobia, neurodermatitis, asthma (be sure to warn the master and to bring the inhaler), neurodermatitis, etc.

past cure or alleviate the symptoms of psychosomatic diseases possible to achieve a high effect for the correction of characteristic features: in the process of breathing sessions is removed high internal voltage. People become mentally more flexible, increased stress, comes a sense of integrity and self-discipline of the individual.

the Effect of holotropic breathing is explained simply: due to the rapid and deep breathing occurs hyperventilation, increases the level of oxygen in the blood. Loud ethnic, trance music, recumbency and absence of visual stimulants from the outside, contribute to the weakening of the regulatory function of the consciousness. The weakening of inherent to all of us in life control allows you to rise to the level of awareness of the repressed and suppressed material of the subconscious. Resulting become, the appearance as real memories, events, and the symbolic expression of unconscious material in the form of images, of colour, of imagination, of muscle blocks (clamps), "waking dreams", etc.

it Should be noted that holotropic breathwork is an exceptional method of psychotherapy which allows to raise consciousness about family issues. Remembering and living his own birth is particularly terapeutyczny and allows to resolve many problems that cannot be solved in other techniques of psychotherapy. More details on the method holotropic breathing you can learn by enrolling in the closest of ongoing training in holotropic breathing, Details on the website

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