the Quality of life of any person primarily due to its ability to control your body and state of mind.

a Variety of adverse circumstances that accompany us everywhere in various situations can undermine our emotional stability, disrupting harmonious relationships with yourself and others. Failure in the body often occurs against a background of psychological problems, which is human nature to procrastinate.

the Famous saying "Time heals" is not always convincing and the person becomes a hostage of his own suffering.

One of the features of the device of our psyche is that mental phenomena, causing a painful condition of the body are unconscious.

Thinking man, getting into the human world, on the one hand is formed and develops, through another, and with another - is dependent in the plan drawing of the image I and the surrounding reality. It is the inevitable component and necessary condition for the formation of the human psyche. However, this process of formation is carried out by ASIC the active and conscious participation of the subject, accordingly, he is in thrall to ideas of those people who surrounded him at the earliest stages of mental development.

the Whole difficulty lies in the fact that the true reason for inner conflicts and feelings remains unknown to us.

to cope with the negative thoughts and feelings Deplete nature, without resorting to drugs, you must learn to know and understand themselves, sharing experience and the gift of understanding to their children.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy creates special conditions for the reconstruction of the psychic apparatus of the person in which you receive a unique opportunity to develop the necessary means of his thinking, able to recognize, understand and see the source of the original problem.

Thus, in the process of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in humans is the unit reflective thinking have the skills to manage their body as a whole.

Mikaelian Tamara
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