the identity of the person is one of the many components of human society.
It has a huge impact on relations in society.
Having a certain character, behavior, people adapt to different situations and circumstances that arise daily.
There are a very large number of theories that describe the process and the formation and development of personality.
Since ancient times, the man wondered: how personality type affects the behavior of the individual in society. With the help of experiments and observations of individual psychologists came to the conclusion that the formation of personality type is influenced by such factors as: genetic basis, upbringing, education, development.
In psychology, there is a science that deals with the study of personality types, processes of its development. She also deals with the definition of similarity or on the contrary brings out the distinctive features of the people.
This certain substance, which develops in each individual and accompanies man throughout life's journey. It is known that it is impossible for the Earth to meet the same people, as each person has their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavioral traits.
Psychology of personality plays a huge role because it may explain how people may behave in particular situations, what is important to him, what goals and priorities it has set itself. Daily the person analyzes their own behavior and the behavior of others, emotions and trying to find answers to questions.
If I don't do introspection, not to try to understand their goals and desires, it is impossible to overcome some obstacles and solve problems that arise in any person. In order to resolve problems, to understand their essence, how to present themselves and
build relationships with others, and there is personality psychology. After you understand the main points of the psychology of personality, you can easily learn to understand others, family and friends, to make predictions of behavior in different situations. Without knowledge of this science and the required experience difficulties in the professional sphere, the family. Man is not in harmony with yourself.
Many successful people to become devote enough time to the study of psychology. In order to achieve some success in any field need to know the basic elements and aspects that affect a person. All this knowledge acquired in the course of studying the relevant literature or personal, and perhaps group therapy. All of these options of self-knowledge is not only useful but also a fascinating immersion into a world of its own.

Teplov Anton
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