Often I come to customers who have lost the meaning of life, they do not understand who they are, what they want and why they live. They feel emptiness inside, looking for straws to cling to this life.

And then we begin to dive into ourselves and trying to find meaning, something to live for, and why the client does not feel anything. Inside it have no sense, no value of life, there is no rod that could support life.

In this case, when the inside man begins to seek the meaning of life outside, in other people. He begins to live for others, care for them and actually begins to live their life. While forgetting about themselves, their needs, dreams and passions.

not Living your life, man loses the meaning of life, he does not see the purpose of self-realization, does not see the direction go with the flow and not feel the value of his life, losing the joy of existence in this world. It depends on the opinion of others. If he is praised, he realizes that he lives not in vain. But if it begins to accuse, to blame, to kick, he is not able to cling to the inner core and have thoughts about why even live if nobody wants you and are unable to please other people.

Where does this value of life, filling the void inside of a person? Where does the significance of ourselves, self-worth? Of course, from childhood.

If the parents, i.e. the people that give life to a child, appreciate him, respect his needs, invite him to exist in their life, then the child begins to understand that it is valuable in itself, simply because it is. Thanks to careful attitude to the child, when I hear it, when he draws attention and try to understand the child formed the same core values of his own life. Man grows with confidence that he has the right to life, that it needs — it's not ridiculous that he's part of this world, the brick, which is needed in this world. And then inside of the person there are benchmarks that show him direction in life, he is not afraid of self-realization and feels good in your body, your feelings, recognize emotions, needs. He is respectful to yourself and your life.

And then, if he is criticized by other people, he is not destroyed by this. And if there is a rupture of relations with loved ones, can support himself and move on. Because it does not depend on someone else's life, and is self-sufficient partner to another person.

Each of us is born with its own twist on the inside. Each person is part of something bigger, but it is unique. And when we begin to look for meaning in their lives, we must turn to ourselves, not to the meanings of someone else's life, even if the lives of our children.

After all, why we came into this world with its own characteristics, feelings, your uniqueness. And no two identical people in the world, each has its own flavor, each for a purpose.

But often important adults in our lives, prove us the opposite, that we are the same as all our talents are our shortcomings, our needs — this is nonsense, and our desire is spoiled. And then we refuse ourselves. We begin to believe that what we really need is not important, and the needs of others become more valuable than our own needs. We forget about yourself, move yourself into the background, trying not to feel hurt inside from what do not live their lives. And trying to find meaning in their own lives where it is not — outside of ourselves.

Every person as a flower. First comes the seed, which, when caring becomes a Bud. And only revealing yourself, your talents, we may disclose your flower and realized, to live their own lives.

But often we are afraid of self-realization, looking back on the opinions of people close to us. We complete internal settings of childhood, which do not allow us to do what we do is important. And then comes the emptiness, lost the reference points and meanings. And people do not understand why he lives.

don't be afraid to be themselves. Remember what you dreamed in childhood. Because children's dreams are real, yet adults have not influenced them and explained that they are not correct. Remember what you most loved doing as a child that inspired you, filled with energy and power. Start to feel your own needs to be noted that it is important for you, not for other people. And then you go back to yourself, you will be the meaning of existence in this world. And only then will you be able to support not only themselves but also other people. But not out of a desire to please them, and the state of your inner life force.

don't be afraid to reveal your flower because other flowers there. But human life is not so long to waste it on unnecessary things. Appreciate every moment of my life, because everything that happens to you is not in vain. This part of your life and you play a major role.



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