The essence of development of self-discipline.


self - Discipline is when we live in the present. When we realize that our goals, plans, circumstances and quality of life in General, do not depend on the order we did everything right, and depends on so we did everything on Time.

self - Discipline is a skill to bring it to completion, is the ability to finish what we started until the end. Without this to you and how do, life becomes one incomplete Gestalt or cemetery is not accomplished plans and senseless expectations.

And when we are in the process of psychotherapy, working with clients unit discipline, which consists of the introduction into his life of the system of self-motivation, many people really feel at this stage is very hard, because it starts to break down the old system of motivation and life.

And gradually, as they say, "I do not want", "can't", but when a man begins to introduce into his life, he formed a routine of healthy habits, proper nutrition, physical activity, he learns for himself to use a system of rewards and sanctions is a "success journal", noting their achievements.

He starts to get rid of unnecessary old things and habits, communicating with unpleasant people, samorazrushava behavior, his life is purified.

Increased personal effectiveness and confidence, are important value-semantic component of short-term and long-term goals, developing a system of flexible scheduling and a desire to strive for self-development.

And the person begins to feel harmony with myself, to feel that he is the master of his life. No matter the maid is in the apartment, Jogging in the morning or presentation at the conference, at this level a person understands that all links in a chain, equal in importance to the entire process. And then all spheres of his life become one interrelated ecosystem, where everything lives, develops and prospers. And you develop your self-discipline)?

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