Probably most of the people encountered in his life with betrayal from loved ones. relatives of important people. Betrayal is often associated with pain, psychological, and often physical.. Intercession on the part of people to us, condemning us, is estimated to clamitia"... the betrayal itself has become so the norm of modern life. it is even not detected not noticed...this is actually in this article.

About the nature of loyalty and betrayal, I have been told in the eponymous article but talking about the essence of the phenomenon in the interaction between people.

What is a betrayal against yourself?

the Man is a complete system, which includes the body (physical level), the mind and heart (cardio-emotional level). mind. the higher self (spiritual-mental level). a situation in which the person neglected any part of itself and elevates that part of myself = is a betrayal of yourself.

1. You can bring your body. How does it look?

the Lack of concern for the health of the body, using its resources and capabilities to the full. not just to use but to deliberately destroy it poor quality food, lack of mode of life. the use of "carrassi" substances.This is a typical body in a state of immersion in the ego, the ignorance, the slogan of which is: "you only live once, should try everything."

Also a betrayal of the body will throw in the other extreme in pseudo. When the emphasis is on the soul and the importance of the body is impaired completely. the body is subjected to severe austerities, celibacy, etc. Poor" the body begins to signal different symptoms, extorting at least some attention to themselves. But man it's so smart and he has a lot of "magic pills, which is so easy to "numb the symptom, even not reflecting their essence.

the cost to build a quality interaction with your own body. It is very wise. perhaps even wiser than the human mind.

2. Can you betray your heartto stop hear the voice. ignore all his messages and signs. Every time you "plug" the voice of your heart in favor of the mind, in favor of the people or external circumstances-you betray yourself. The rejection of chuvstvennaya, from his own intuition-the betrayal itself. Inability to beautifully Express his emotions. to control them, to suppress them-is a betrayal of yourself. Filling myself with negative emotions, creating emotional inside garbage leading to emotional intoxication usurping another mohlala-is a betrayal of itself, the heart / emotional level. Inability to implement their psychological needs-is a betrayal of yourself.

3. Can you betray your Soul. How? Alas, it is easy to bet on the mind, become a slave of your mind, sleep-deprived ego.

Absorption in the ego, depriving people of the opportunity to hear the voice of reason, voice of conscience, the messenger of the Soul - and it is a betrayal of yourself. To forget their true nature of the Creator and become a victim in your own life-is a betrayal of yourself. Every time you do what you do not want to do, you betray yourself. Whenever you go to please someone, out of fear to offend people, to lose, to be mean, ungrateful, etc. - you will betray yourself.Every time. when you go where you don't want to go, you betray yourself and your Soul. You betray yourself when in a difficult situation you forget that you are first of all a Reasonable Man, and not a clever animal, which matters is to survive at any cost. You betray yourself every time when you try to blend in with the crowd, adequate her. forget about your true needs.

In fact, each item can cause a great alas many examples of betrayals that I just outlined some of the most typical. Each betrays himself very individual(( )

Betrayal is the lack of acceptance of oneself. the lack of self-love, lack of self-confidence. Betrayal itself is the failure of their parents or children, for you are part of parents, exactly like your children are a part of you.

Betrayal is also a rejection of his past, which gives you a lot of pain, resentment and so on. Betraying the past for fear of pain, you are depriving yourself of the vast resources inherent in your experience of way out of this pain.

the Lives of most people -there are a series of betrayals themselves, instead of accepting his own worth, use all its enormous resources for the benefit of themselves and the world. Inside most people there is a war..with yourself...People are passionate about self-destruction...maybe that's why there is no peace on our planet? Maybe you should stop to fight, to betray and to direct their attention to the creation of the world. both inside and outside? Peacebuilding-the creation of the world, more beautiful alternative to war and betrayal.

World to all of us!!!

Cozy and warm winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

Thank you for your "thank you", you say" pressing the button "thank you" )

Tatiana Savenko
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