Expressed by the person...

When we go abroad, I Willy-nilly, as a psychologist, I compare foreigners with their compatriots. Often the difference is immediately apparent. Our almost unmistakably recognized. And, if the wife pays attention to the quality and choice of clothes, hair and haircuts, I'm a professional habit see facial expressions, facial expressions, behavior.

And here are my psychological observations and insights from these observations.

the Russians are tense and anxious. We are constantly distrustful and expected catch. It seems to be on vacation and relax... But still doesn't let go.

the Second thing that catches the eye is the careful estimation of others. And compare. Better or worse. Us an important status. (In my opinion, as compensation systems). If someone you stealthily, but carefully considering it:) the Aliens you are on the drum.

Still. Our kindness is not automatic, as most civilized foreigners. If it appears, it often somehow strained. I think, not malice, but simply from habit.

we are distinguished by facial expressions. Look around you on the streets. What is written on the faces of the citizens, what expressions would you notice? I notice chronically reduced eyebrow, wrinkled from the efforts of the forehead, the drooping corners of the lips. Often look somewhat askance, or from the top down. If you call the emotions etched on the faces of people, it is anxiety, resentment, sadness, fear, and sometimes hostility.

the Figures are tense, moving slightly bertinetti and wood. No natural naturalness and relaxation. Ready for labour and defence:)

Describe your observations. We were moved from the flight Lisbon-Istanbul flight Istanbul-Ekaterinburg. And it is here that we piled all of the above the difference. Standing a solid wall, the tension in the air, trying to come up (probably to get away before the others). It was a little bit ashamed of his. Sadly, our bydlyatina much more noticeable and widespread than we would like.

Apparently, civility and good manners are qualities in the Russian environment, which is necessary for survival. More important than voltage, the presumption of guilt and the need to be ready for war. Not to be humiliated and insulted. Which is a pity.

But, as you notice some friends, without the work of the psychologist and the psychotherapist will not.

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