The family as a system


psychotherapy usually come with such description: “With me it's all right, but with the world around something not so”. The work begins with the return of authorship for their lives.

the family analysis of symptoms of  you can go when the client says:  “ In my life something happens, and for some unknown reason”. The analysis of the generic scripts can reduce the stress and responsibility for what the client does not answer.

the Probability of the onset of symptoms in response to distortion in the family system is different.

Example: the client says : “I have no father”. From the point of view of biology it is simply impossible. From the point of view of psychology the client has formed the image of a “absent father” is different, so there's some memories or fantasies about the father, of the reasons for his departure.

Murray Bowen talks about such concepts as “differentiation” and “merge” with the family. The more differentiation, the probability of appearance of the symptoms below.

Bert Hellinger considers the family as a system. He describes the laws of love, the violation of which can lead to the appearance of symptoms in its members.

  1. Law supplies the system. Each of us pledged loyalty (allegiance) to the family from which we come from. And if we exclude ourselves or any member of this system, the symptom can not be avoided.

 Example:  11-year-old girl appears nervous TIC, doctors do not diagnose organic damage, when working with a family therapist reveals that the biological father had a child, which told the girl. A few days after the disclosure of the tick is.

  • the Law of hierarchy. The family in which we grew up – parent – falling by the wayside as we matured and began to build a relationship as a couple. Young family in priority over the parent in terms of resource allocation.  Equal partners – even one of the conditions in which the care of children (or the child becomes the partner of a parent).
  • the Law of love, it flows in one direction: from parents to children. Parents love me and care about me, I'm grateful to them, but do not have to, I have children, I love and care about them and expect nothing in return except procreation.
  • Act to take-to give. It is important to strike a balance. When you get your partner something good, it is important to give a little more, and then it is a good will increase in tandem. If only to take one step overflow and poisoning. If only to give – exhaustion.

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