The family as a system of relations


the Family is not so much the people as the system of relations between people of different generations and people to create a family. The system itself is always bigger and stronger than one person, especially if the person is new to the system. When connecting two people is a connection of two systems, entanglement or repel each other. The system of relations in the family is created and passed from ancestors to descendants, as a flow of energy, the transfer of knowledge and resources in the form of heritage, as the flow of the river - in one direction only.

the family people are the creators, carriers, guardians, and sometimes hostages, revolutionaries, breaking the previous type and script relations. The system always opposes the change in its imaginary power, but actually weak, the system is updated only by the transfer of the new in the same thread, from ancestors to descendants. If the system is not updated, it dies, to upgrade can the new person, but only if the upgrade will accept ancestors and transmit to posterity the heritage, the opposite occurs.

the Success of young family depends on heritage relationship, one parent family passes them and continues to convey the life, the reverse is actually there, because the old system if will update, it is extremely small and not significant, or it destroys the connection, the flow.

Metaphorically, the river never flows backwards, back, small inversions do not change anything in the river, the power of the ancestors, the source is still transmitting. Never underestimate the power of flow ancestors information in the form of relationship, because this is the whole base of a young family, without having whose family is trying to create its own system of relations. But most often the system of relations, but rather notesini, ignorance and inability to improve them, has become a dense Foundation and the young family is based on the broken, one-sided and distorted relations. The flow of knowledge relations as the blood in our body, the mind, we can understand wanting to change, but our flesh, blood, carrier and other information unconsciously will not give and will reject, resist the change.

In the end, the young family will not be able to improve the relationship, it will be occupied by the superstructure on a deformed Foundation and if you build a house on a crumbling Foundation, it is not surprising that the house eventually filled up, not once, but collapses. So so true when matchmaking used to look at the family, their system, their ancestors, their customs and ways of the relationship, not the young people themselves.

the System of relations, is a binding, and a lubricant between people, from its nature depends on the ease and severity of relations. Each generation transforming their relationship, need to pass best pure form for the young, improved, and transformed, to ensure that the next generation has passed it on to their descendants also improved. This is the strength of family and the ancestors transmitted to the descendants,in this sense the institution of the family and the councils of elders in the past.

most Often in our lives do not so, the ancestors of the descendants say, "we didn't do it, try you, we had lived - and you will now understand, after us though a grass not to grow, we could not, you start from zero," or worse, " we gave you, now you owe us, give us credit, don't get smart and don't change practices." In short, the ancestors either gave nothing to the descendants, or by adding force to bring back sakalava system or prohibit the improvement and development. Attempt to escape from such system gives the chance to create from scratch, but the relationship with the family and the ancestors is broken, and eventually next to a man hole into the past, where will leak all his strength and energy.

a Simple recommendation to all of us, especially if we at this stage are the ancestors to their descendants, for his family. Restore gratitude to the family, not to separate people, to clarify what relationship I have inherited, as I have improved, I already gave the descendants, and specifically what I can change right now. Without touching the descendants to start with yourself, with your managers to improve the system around them. Want your children to be grateful, way grateful family. Want your children to be more successful than you, look what you've outdone descendants, albeit in small and perhaps large. Want the young family lived happily, give them the legacy of a good relationship. Even if you are divorced, you can convey gratitude and respect to the former partner for child birth and years lived. Want to know how to negotiate, negotiate with them, with the past, with reality, with life and the environment, live in harmony with them, kids that is what will improve in their lives and in their families.

the Parent family is always important for a young family even if this family, their descendants, hierarchy, seniority still only moves in time, leaving in the past, but does not disappear completely, and present as solid a Foundation or tunnel with no exit. So for adults parents need to help young interfering in their relationship, and to transfer in a heritage superior for their lives, their work a form of relationship between ancestors and descendants, between each other and the entire social life.

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