The family business system


I'm twenty years was engaged in business. For me, it's a familiar and understandable sphere of life. Me everything there was easy. In the field of family relationshipsfor a long time felt like a complete Amateur. All had to learn for the first time. In life and in business there are certain laws, so they have to be in the family. I wanted to draw an analogy to using a well-known area of life to know the unfamiliar. What are the similarities between family and business?

the Family could be called a joint venture. There are two founders. And each of them his stake. He was ready to make the statutory Fund? We're not talking now about material goods. I'm talking about love, respect, gratitude, energy, the desire to care, to take responsibility etc. In the business these issues are discussed in the first place and in case of discrepancy of interests of the partner search continues for the required parameters. Family first registrat marriage without discussion of the statutory documents. Everyone remains at their illusion about the business model, form, fees, etc.

Business starts with a goal. If the business has no goals, he long will not exist. If the purpose is chosen incorrectly, for example, to earn money, the chances of such business is also small. A lot of people who managed to meet families in which the husband and wife prior to marriage to discuss in detail your goals? Find out whether they are views on the basic questions of life: life values, life goals, number of children, education of children, the attitude towards material things, their expectations from family and partner and many others.

Businesses need to learn, or lose money. To build relationships, too, need to learn, otherwise you lose your family. What is more important: business or family?

Initially the business requires investment: money, time, knowledge, energy. In my first business we just invested. Only after 3 years appeared first profit. To get the result in the family also need to invest: time, love, attention, care, patience, acceptance, forgiveness. When the firm will develop, will create a subsidiary (FILIAL) of companies, you can reap the fruits of your labor, doing creative work for the soul. Legitimate and for business and for family.

in business, in family and in other spheres of life, the rule of Pareto: to achieve 20% of result you need to spend 80% of the energy, then the remaining 80% of the result only need 20% of the resources. Not knowing this rule, the slightest difficulty to abandon the goal.

In business and in the family there are different stages of development. With experience never to be repeated, the initial phase of the business with his emotions, expectations, dreams and mistakes. Is a wise leader will want to go back to the past, abandoning the invaluable experience, giving confidence? And romantic period of the relationship in the family goes into another, more Mature and wise phase. These periods cannot be compared, they are too different and there is no comparison criterion. I was sorry the woman is middle-aged, which is a year and a half relationship with a man my mind back to the period of their acquaintance and again experienced the emotional high of trying to re-experience a past emotion there. In each period, as each season has its own unique charm. Is it possible to compare the immediacy of a girl and the wisdom of a Mature woman? So should we worry about the fact that ended the romance characteristic of the period. Maybe it's better to find the "profit" stage of this relationship?

In business, there is team spirit, born of a common purpose. In case of failure always looks for new opportunity, while failure more rallies on the way to the goal. To do this, hold planning meetings, analysis of mistakes, brainstorming to find new solutions. Anyone can imagine in the business scene, when the slightest disagreement all scatter to different rooms and not talking to each other until the next tax payment?

In business it is customary to conclude a contract, especially prescribing in detail all possible risks. In this case, losses are minimized. A family is only the most aware will dare to talk openly about their resentment, their desires and expectations. Those who know how to negotiate, to listen and hear, and going to its main goal, always will succeed.

In business, if you don't sign a contract with suppliers and not stipulate in detail all conditions, none of the goods you supply will not start. In the family it so happens that the woman most of my life waiting for men manifestations of his attention, and never sounded as if she wanted him to. He has to guess.

the Business can be done alone, but you can on the team. Different levels, different income. It depends on the purpose of each. You can live alone, without creating a family, and you can live with your loved ones. One to live easier (with a after all always agree), the son harder, but gratitude. It depends on the criteria. If the criterion of "development", then I choose a family.

Anyone come to mind at the planning meeting at the slightest disagreement of opinions scandals and a showdown with the accusations of all those present? Where did those rules of propriety which regulate relations in society, and where they go in the family?

business must be Director - a person who takes responsibility. It is determined by the founders. The family must also be the owner in order to be okay. To ensure that the family developed, the wheel should be rule one. And it is also possible to define by the Board of founders.

In business, everyone has a job description. That is a certainty. The family is also very important to allocate responsibilities, so you do not have any mutual claims from mutual expectations.

can Still draw an analogy. Sometimes it becomes funny when doing the migration of some family situation, and imagine what it looks like. Increasingly realized that the creation of family and relations is a science or an art, which it is necessary to learn, endlessly experimenting in life. I liked all the time to change something in the business now like to do it in the family.

If the business negotiations with the foreigner, no one will come to mind to explain on the fingers. Of course, invite an interpreter. It is difficult to imagine that the contract did not take place only because I forgot about the existence of this profession. If the family is a joint venture, and every person is a whole state, without an interpreter is not exactly to understand. There are 2 options: a lifetime to learn a foreign language, to understand the partner, or to an interpreter of the psychologist. After all, when you go to a professional, you can always stop the conflict, and, perhaps, to warn, in time to find a way out of a difficult situation, not had in many years, if living together, but divided by an invisible wall of misunderstanding and alienation. And maybe you should learn this foreign language, learn understanding?

I Speculate here and came to the conclusion that as a child I was greatly deceived in all fairy tales, where it was said that they loved each other and then lived happily ever after. Of course it was, but they possessed the science of creating relationships. Deceived by the fact that he concealed the existence of such a science. Had to open everything once familiar for a long time again. But I am very grateful to this experience which brings invaluable to my profit joint venture, not measurable by any money!

Author Galina Dubrovskaya

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