The feeling of life, which gave way to a to-do list.


did you have so that you have noted with surprise, "I did not notice(a) as day/month/year"? Most likely, the majority has happened. The passage of time is uniform and has no function of acceleration, then why it is perceived by us differently? It's all in the awareness of what is happening. Remember the past event when you excitedly have been absorbed in any activity, whether it is work or different kind of entertainment. Have you noticed what is happening around? When we are absorbed in any process, the consciousness is narrowed, and attention is concentrated on the ongoing activities. This is happening around loses interest for us, and sometimes we are even drawn to us replica can fully listen to.

Remember also another case when you come home from work or Vice versa and remember only the time of exit and the moment you came. In this case, triggered automaticity, and the mind does not waste energy on the analysis of the road, where you want to go or transport, where to go. Such automatism lot, those stereotyped actions that we commit without an assessment of the situation (male automatically shakes hands if he stretched her, even if it already did).

so, the reasons for stopping the awareness of the passage of time there are two:
- Absorption/enthusiasm for certain activities.

- Automation.

the Discovery of unexpected loss of time may be accompanied by different emotions. Remember, what emotions you have while there. The past time period I will divide into two directions: constructive and not constructive time spent.

If "flying time" was used constructively, there is a sense of satisfaction and pleasant memories. However, if the objective constructively spent time was subjectively perceived by the person as unhelpful (for example, you could get more business or to devote time to another object or itself), then the person may experience sadness at the same (time well spent).
In the case of nonconstructivity "flying time", we can feel joy (if you were able to pass "negative" period of time) or sad (time lost).

At the same time and automaticity, and passion can be perceived by the person as how constructive and non-constructive time spent, respectively, to cause the opposite emotions.

now, However, without considering the different kinds of deformation of personality and addiction, serve the care from the reality, the passion we refer to the constructive time spent, and automatism – non-constructive. Anticipating the question, why automaticity is not constructive, despite the service our psyche in saving energy costs, you can say that is not constructive is not the fact of the automatic action and the loss of the feeling of what is happening.

nowadays actively promoted a clear allocation of time, that not a moment was lost. Because of this, we can achieve any heights in their activities, be it professional environment or the way to self-improvement. However, as a result, become automatisms, as well as subjective evaluation of the past time as non-constructive. In this case it is possible to discover a false passion, which can be understood as following someone else's ideals. In this case, you load yourself you do not need a "strange" cases that are imposed on you by society. But even if goals and aspirations are "your" all day/week/month are painted and dry you only need to follow a structured plan. Where does one find the time to look at the beautiful world around? He's not the Maldives, not somewhere in the future or the past, he is here and now all around us. Should only want to see him, and he will appear like a fabulous gene.

to summarize, there are several actions that will help to feel again the sense of life (because the child felt) and maybe slow down time:

1. Most try to feel what is happening around you.

2. Evaluate what you spend time and effort really worth it.

3. Think of something that you have to "pass the time" if necessary.

4. Track the emotion-signal, if you feel that time is lost, and analyze the situation.

5. Stop trying to rush and overwhelm myself busy.

6. Stop, breathe in the fresh air, look around something that will make you smile.

Alexey Rodionov
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