The feeling of the correct way of life


every year we all change — changing not only our appearance but also the internal state. But in spite of life's processes and cycles in nature, each person thinks about his life, about its meaning and translate dreams into reality.

Life is movement. Sometimes you have to go and dusk, making his a truly right way. Step by step, plank by plank paving his way... are You ready to go and night for him, because the soul you have peace of mind and the fire of passion that can drive you forward, which gives you the feeling of correctness of performed works and deeds.

Not afraid to die, when You know what to do for this world is good, created and created every day, fighting for justice, accountability and prosperity of the people. Life gives you time, a resource that You yourself are free to dispose of. You can sleep, can just exist, can get a decent job, can build skyscrapers, you can paint... You can do whatever your heart desires, if you are not ashamed for a moment, if your peace and fire.

We try on different clothes, trying to be like others or imitating the style of life of other people and look at people outside the window, as if they were more fortunate than ours, but we choose the path we go. Be yourself! Be. Be. And again Whether. Don't imitate others.

At a certain stage of your own life, every person wonders what job he could call a favorite? If you feel that there comes a tipping point, and you can no longer continue to do the same than before, it's time to think about finding a new job.

do Not buy expensive clothes, the car loan is to put the image, not inherent to you. It will not give you peace in the soul, of true joy, it's not Stoke the inner flame. Joy is movement to the purpose, creation and realization of dreams, turning ideas into reality. Just moving every day to their dreams and to translate their own ideas into life, you will feel wonderful. You will not be ashamed to look people in the eye.

What is your true path? And if you need things to be someone or you yourself are the embodiment of that lifestyle, who want to be men?

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