The feeling that no one will be able to help


the FEELING THAT NO one will be ABLE to HELP

After giving birth to my second son was depressed.
there were fears, strange to me, the problems with her husband. Went to a psychologist - she listened, I was waiting for her advice. The Board was - Oh Yes divorce, live alone ,it's easier.
That's all the advice...
Output the head – shrink's another divorce for money. You no one will help you and only you can solve their problems. You and only you live your life, the psychologist is not a day not lived, so how did you... how poor can you suggest something.

In your words I feel a lot of despair. Despair from the fact that no one understands your pain, your suffering. You alone with your feelings, and like it always will be. Only your injury as if it "protects" you. Directs you to the people who hurt even more. And thereby more tightly binds you to your suffering.

unfortunately, if the psychologist is not professional enough he cannot withstand the feelings of the patient and then starts to give "destructive" or "accusing" tips. And of course, it further reinforces the sense of despair and hopelessness.

the Psychologist was not for you to decide what to do. But he can give advice on healing your feelings, and injuries. To explore the inner world. Because the internal States and unconscious fantasies direct people's lives, especially those of the state – which is not clear. For example, after childbirth often raised painful experiences the separation from the maternal object. Fears associated with the fear of death.

Dating is not the understanding of a psychologist for counselling, the conclusion does injured part, no ONE will be able to help, and then attempts to do further steps in the direction of who can help – postponed.

This is not an easy condition. Errors in selection of a psychologist are often. And that's fine. We need to continue to look for your specialist, through feeling – that you understand. This feeling can occur when you read the article of the psychologist and feel that he understands your problem. And at the first consultation you it becomes easier from communication.

You are right that only you can help yourself – for example, that would begin to allow yourself to accept help. And then you can see who will really help you.

PS: I Will be glad to help you. Record on consultation by e-mail [email protected]

Irina Potemkina
Analytical psychologist and practices TPP

Potemkin Irina
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