The figure and background of ressentiment


Gestalt psychology describes the phenomena of perception via the concept of figure and ground. I'll try to tell about them through such a difficult phenomenon of ressentiment (=a sense of inferiority, helplessness, envy and anger towards automatically considered an enemy person or group).

Our perception operates in accordance with the principle of the figure (Gestalt actually means shape) and the background. The figure acts as the dominant needs to have background in accordance with the need, our perception of the highlights relevant to us, and the rest, as pictured in the lack of focus, blurred out in the background. It is possible artificially to do something figure, as with the task to "not think about a white bear"!

In therapy, we are highlighting the figure of the real needs from the background. For example, it tells me the client alternately about the different situations in which it is good, well done, worthy of respect and admiration, nor especially emotionally without stopping. Where is the figure? What is silent? What's in the background? And it seems like her only difficulty (info from previous meetings) - all girlfriends have obsluzhivani, had babies and now they are not mounted. Yeah. Here it is. The sense of inferiority, vulnerability, and stung by the social expectations, the envy of her friends - it's all in the background. Hence the overcompensation by the pronunciation of the plural of merit. Finding hidden in the background of the figure - the need for respect, the desire to regain their self-esteem. Being satisfied, the need goes into the background, formed a new figure.

Simply, our livelihoods is nothing but a constant change of figure and ground.

What happens to the shape of the phenomenon of resentment that remains in the background? The figure of resentment - anger, hostility, rage, and powerless competition (remember Ellochka the cannibal!) against an imaginary enemy, which supposedly I'm not the way you want. And that's what in focus that is experienced and felt. That forms a special system of values that denies the values of the enemy. This contravision.

Accordingly, in the background - the powerlessness, the sense of inferiority, fear, shame and personal (NO)liability.

All this both in micro-and macro-systems.

the Unfolding situation in Ukraine is considerably "smeared" the joy of the success of Russia in the 2014 Olympics. It's like a celebration of the birth of one's sibling, the other sibling Wichita, switching attention to himself. Continuation of the above-mentioned situation detects the resentment of the two countries that took place in an anti-political activities. Ukraine desperately to demonize its main enemy, guilty of all the failures. Jealous of resources, forms of counter-values and thus not recognizing their own responsibility, even in regard to economic and social development over the decades of its independence.

Russia demonstrates strength, invincibility, exudes righteous confidence in the support of its citizens against alleged "fascists". In the background of the recognition on the world stage, the helplessness in the face of sanctions, fear of possible political activity of its inhabitants, the weakness of the economy, education and medicine... of Course, using propaganda figure becomes one, leading deep into the background more....

strange to expect a willingness to recognize the reality, the honesty and responsibility of societies formed under the influence of ressentiment. Communism and Christianity (I hope no one was hurt!) products of ressentiment. When dispossessed the family of my grandmother, great-grandmother with children (great-grandfather was shot) moved from their beautiful and spacious house in the most dilapidated and wretched hovel of drunks-parasites of their town. And within these profligate was sent to live in their beautiful home. Just a couple of years at home seem to have swapped places. My great-grandmother and the children transformed their area into a clean and cozy space. And "who was nothing will become everything" has turned a great house into the cabin, particularly using doors as firewood.

that is to blame, the resentment, we have already figured out.

the Figure and the background have looked. There is now a rhetorical question - what to do? As an incorrigible optimist, I will share my fantasy about how to work with resentment. Of course, at the level of Microsystems is to work with customers, therapeutic groups, etc.


1⃣ Withdraw from the background of all these unpleasant feelings - envy, powerlessness, feeling of inferiority, inability to compete directly.

2⃣ them and Actually experience - to feel, to live, to live, to overcome.... in short, to live with them, daring to admit not covered ideological and other debris reality.

3⃣ to Detect shapes their needs - for recognition, respect (self-esteem), belonging to a certain group of love and affection, safety, assessment, of self-actualization and self-realization, social activity, system orientation, etc., etc.

4⃣ to Seek and find ways to meet those needs, while respecting the rights and freedom of others, i.e. constructively.

5⃣ to Take the risk and responsibility for their actions, as well as for their inaction.

Resentment, as the psychology of slaves is expressed in the inability to act, the atrophy of social and political activity, confidence that I know I can't change anything.

for example, I implement a private social activity with lectures, workshops and therapeutic groups. As do you, and doing it at all, your creativity and solution!

Tatyana Zakharchuk
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