The film "Herscher" and the role of the symptom in the family system, part 1


In the life of a simple American family can sometimes be mountain. In a car accident killed a family member - a wife and mother. Father and son moved into the house to grandma. In a comfortable place, the crisis can not be resolved. The family hangs a tense silence. Grandma took the loss. It provides comfort and is trying to shake guys. But it's not working. They can't accept the loss of women and teplytsia for the past. Each of them is going through grief in their own way. Dad all day is, no matter what is not reagiruet, insulated from his experiences sedative pills. Son is trying to get iskorezhennogo to crash the car as a symbol of the lost object. Next to "off" from the life of the father, the child is left alone with all the difficulties of growing up, when the father he needed. Does not understand how to behave in situations where you need to repel the vile abuser and start a relationship with a pretty girl. Instead of real help by a deranged father only prevents force pushing him to the hated group emotional support, where he squeezed some of the words that he wants to say. All this is not the help he needs. But crushed by grief and tablets father not able to catch. Between them deprive the growing chasm of alienation and tense silence. Everyone in its Wake. Both ignored his grandmother's attempts to reach out to them. The crisis dragged on and no prospects to get out of it, it seems, is not expected.

And then the son in a fit of anger, as if from slumber awakens the evil spirit of Herscher. 

And Herscher is a handful. And as a symbolic personification of the suppressed  family problems, he comes in the house to the family, settles there and begins to live as a family member. The herscher represents everything bad, disgusting, illegal, anti-social, rebellious. I see it more and reference to Karlson by Astrid Lindgren. And the attitude of the Herscher each of the family members such as their real problems...


to be Continued here.

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