Briefly about the film "Breaking the waves" (1996):

God gives everyone something to become better. Young girl Bess from a remote community in the North-West of Scotland fell in love with a good guy — Ian, working on a rig at sea. Despite the opposition of relatives, they get married. Bess asks God to Ian was always there with her, and Yang returned to her crippled after an accident on the rig. A young woman that her favorite was alive? The sacrifice can go?

review of the movie "Breaking the waves":

you're ready For your favorite? Are you ready to sacrifice your whole life? This is not enough. Would you be willing to give his heart and soul? Then you can have something...

the Most terrible on Earth has always been not understanding, because what people don't understand that trying to destroy it. People in General are very funny creatures.

They are ease, ease and full of confidence ready to adjust to any law, even the law of God... Compassion? It is only in words. When will there be a really difficult time, no one will help.

Maybe there are those who want to spend some effort on you to help with something... but these people will always be a minority, and their efforts will never be enough. It's the law. The law of life.

But, despite, this you should try, you need to fight. If necessary, cross and through themselves and through others. How can this be?

How can a man living according to conscience to step over others? And what is it actually different from the rest?

Absolutely the same body, the same mind and the same filling head. So what is it worse than the others? What they have a preferential right?

Why you should always go on about the society, go on about the majority? Because it's scary? Because then you can become an outcast?

And what do you care if there are a number of people for whom you prepared to give himself without reserve... so Tess decided. She didn't care. On the Earth lived and there was only one person...

Von Trier is the meanest, most calculating and most violent film Director in the world, but thanks to these qualities, he takes great movies. Movies that devour you, movies that make you terrified of movies that I can knock out a tear from the most ardent skeptic, the movies impossible to watch, but from which it is not possible to break away..

Breaking the waves is perhaps his best film. What else can be said about him? This is quite enough. About it it is not necessary to speak, it is necessary to watch, because it is impossible to convey in words a brilliant game Emily Watson, it is not possible to convey in words the feelings and atmosphere, it is not possible to Express a tenth of what gives the film.


Love like love,

one will say that it is a fairy tale that this does not happen, he never saw, and felt. This is a film about true love. About the crazy, weird, unusual love.

All snotty melodrama are there for box office receipts, and only a few show you what L u B O V S.

Love erases all boundaries. And I'm sure that somewhere there lives a girl Bess who is willing to give his soul and body for love, in the name of love! This is the kind of love that only happens once in life not everyone is destined to meet. And meet it is a great happiness.

Yes, the film is cruel. Not a happy ending. So what? And in life there is always happy end? But Bess was happy because in her heart lived that same feeling, the most important feeling. And this fragile girl that was able to confront society, Church and even his own family, if only the beloved was a little better, worthy of admiration! br>
the best, Most true, most true film about love. For what it is.

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