"wild strawberries", Ingmar Bergman

I Have no words just. This film, in fact, simple and deliberately "not boring". But, at the same time, it's a very deep picture, almost philosophical parable about the important particles of human life.

of Course, the main motive lies in thinking about what happened in my life in my later years, but nonetheless. Huge amounts of disturbing thoughts arise and with the intersection of the images of fathers and children, the old age and troubled youth.

Love, which can give new meaning to life and to pose unresolvable obstacles.

About the confusion before meeting with death.

About the lost meaning of existence.

About disappointment. About God and man.

of lost happiness.

a conscious loneliness and selfishness.

On the impossibility to change the past.

Brilliant Bergman has given a philosophical treatise in any half-hour single film. Behind the seemingly banal story of an elderly doctor, wandering in the memories and alien nostalgia, hiding running thoughts about life.

he Met the people, their fate, the events — all interwoven in a slow thoughtful rhythm of thoughts and memories of the main character. And wild strawberries — the way almost forgotten, and even knowingly have been driven deeper into yourself thoughts about a time when you were different.

No, not senile grumbling, and insight about shamefully lost feelings of love and gratitude, warmth and understanding. In this sense, the film carries a high morality that the person carries a positive start, but often it gets lost in the enthusiasm of their own inner world.

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