The fingers of one hand

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In the 11th grade I decided I was going to pass social studies. I got a ticket with the subject "Social environment". br>
- How many friends do you have? as an additional question asked to me by the teacher.
- Very much, I smiled.
- Once you have a lot of them and you don't have enough fingers of one hand to count them, so in fact anyone!- rudely replied she.
- True, loyal friends may not be much. If a lot of them, then you are misleading yourself. br>
that day, I tried to prove it and, of course, was outraged, and completely accepted her point of view. br>
Many people believe that they have a lot of friends. However, it often happens that someone you consider a friend, and he doesn't.
real friends, of course this can not happen. br>
Friends, it is not only those people who you call when you feel bad, friends are those people who you call when you feel good. br>
Friends are people who accept you for who you are, not those who want to>
Friends, it is not those who constantly go to you to complain, sleep, eat, drink, or gossip. the
Friends, those with whom it is always interesting, even if temporarily, your points of view diverged. br>
Friends, it is certainly not those who are constantly striving to prick you, to humiliate or ridicule, even if you think it is love.
And, of course, not those who believe that all "This stuff".
And not the ones that think you're a loser or Vice versa lucky. Which, even without hiding envy. br>
Friends are offended?
Well, of course they are offended, but immediately giving you your squabbles. Not angry and not keeping them for years. br>
Friends, those who are always interested in your life, sincerely rejoice in the successes, always ready to help when they're asked.
a Friend no need to ask, he feels it himself, he's always there. br>
Other do not choose for the easy reasons:
number of lives
- wife something other
- work together
- business
- children are friends...
a Friend always choose to their liking. br>
other it is not possible to say enough, and I think the more often you talk/see each other, the more topics of conversation. br>
the Other not have to explain anything or justify his actions, he still will accept any your decision. br>
so Look around, and realize that in order to count the true friends you really have enough fingers of one hand.

Ivanova Olga
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