take a poll on the topic "My dream". The results, honestly speaking disappointed. I have the feeling that the dream loses its flight, the dream often boils down to the idea that "bad dream", "this is fantasy", I'll just about achievable, "for the dreams you need to have all the resources", etc.

There are different dreams, different levels, different order.

💫 Dream - flying dream gives strength, energy, is the guiding light, a beacon calling the future. Dream calls, excites, literally forces you to act: to learn, to learn, to create - to bring it to life.

it has a lot of qualities: leading, calling, secret, mystery, high. This dream is far from the future. br>

They create the man of the future from the present. Often occur in childhood. br>

If you have the ability and talent relevant this dream, you should take a risk and go for it. There waiting for the opening

💫 Have more dreams more intimate, warm as kittens related to family, children, dreams, the progenitor of life conducive to its development. Dreams help accompany this new life, a dream that gives energy to yourself and to others. The dream embodied in love

💫Have dreams - travel, there are dream - makers of comfort, of everyday life.. a Lot different.

is it Possible to dream the impossible, about what there are no resources? You can! If you have this dream, it should not refuse. The dream of the journey to the Orion, can be embodied in the profession of the writer, the dream of freedom in the profession of pilot, the dream of creating a cure for cancer - will become a good doctor, a scientist, a dream to hear the music of the Universe can be realized in the great Symphony of kindness and joy, which will be performed on the Opera house stage.

time Changes, new technologies, what was impossible yesterday may be possible in two years.

My dreams with me since childhood. Sometimes I was betrayed, began to do what is not in doubt about the appropriateness of others. And then there was a feeling that doing something wrong. Tough love was returned. And again, the joy, the anticipation of something more. br>

Now my dreams gradually come true. And currently, I also share experiences on how to learn find your dream how to get out to a larger area of the world, the world of the future, as not to betray yourself. #kurvaanyad

And I want this note to add with my poem, unfortunately already gone, poet and actor Vladimir Dyukov - Samara. With a warm heart to share with You (maybe not the first time). This poem when I was helped to get back on my path

do Not betray, please...

Vladimir Dyukov-Samara

*** *** ***


do Not betray, please

the heated debate of diverse opinions,

you may be awakened genius br>

do Not betray, please.

Go your bumpy way.

As from infancy to light your way.

And can you hand sent of God,

do Not forget, please, about Him.

do Not trust the envious enemies,

They are full of obsessive self-interest,

Keep the originality of the paint brush,

Guide your canoe to the misty shores.

do Not be afraid nor mockery, nor blasphemy,

Go between the ice and the darkness of misunderstanding,

Carry your fragile torch of creation,

Not expecting praise,

Through the poison of ridicule "clever dashing", –

Country of birth, friend, do not choose

Amid the vulgarity talents are dying...

eh, Your fault that you're in captivity "deaf"?!.

Seek the unbeaten path,

Be like a child, unknown artist,

Take the easel, throw it in a backpack tripod,

And day by day, step by step: "Go!"

In the world of friendship is selfless no,

And if you have one, short term,

it is a truth of experience – confusion,

in love, believe me, a lot of troubles.

an Artist or a poet, you sir,

Rapid time hostage,

Let them shout after you: "Atheist!..",

we need to swallow the blasphemy as the servant of the commoner.

Not eternal life Bolotny may,

Life is fragile and brittle blade of grass,

God's gift – a pearl a grain of sand.

Please do not betray!..

*** *** ***

Good day to all, and the snare of his secret dreams!

Galina Ushakova
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