The flight of the former caterpillar


Men's suffering somehow more vulnerable, anxious, self-pitying, that is. Such a huge and powerful uncle, and suddenly deflated. Life was rolling was actually rolled, and that fateful meeting. According to men prepared for her a variety of factors: long time no pleasing marriage, grown independent children, health problems, makes you stand apart from everyone.

the Queen appeared suddenly, and so long-awaited to plug the hole, resulting in the shower. I wanted to put everything on the card and, immediately, immediately. Soul just opened to meet this familiar stranger. Man think that he had seen her in dreams, dreamed about this since childhood. But I namesctl. On his head.

And the object of his passion quite purple, she even thinks about him and doesn't want to be taken seriously. If you like it and refers to it as an obstacle to its calculated through the path of life.

Sometimes grisly raging with such force that it can lead to unfortunate, sometimes irreversible results. The course is shadowing the object of passion, humiliation, requests, bullying. The whole range of techniques that should make to understand the simple truth: he will not be able to live without it.

the inspiration for man once the thought comes, a clear understanding that something must be done urgently with him. To consult a specialist, read the literature about emotional dependence. But to live in the "old skin" does not. Fail.

In this situation should consider their position, role in the relationship. Even failed, and therefore even more toxic. The risk to slide into depression, the dead of the longing is very great. Sometimes there are poorly controlled outbursts of anger. Not far from here and to suicidal intentions or actions.

the Man needs to understand that until he changes his attitude, did not succeed to "stick to the caterpillar wings and make it fly like a butterfly". Metamorphosis must occur on a deep, conscious level.

Maybe then, a butterfly flew over Her house, he will wave one last time with its bright wing and will rush freely on, in the field of bluebells, daisies and wild clover.

Anzhelika Bogdanov
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