The focus


Perhaps we all have things deposited, transferred, omitted under one million plausible reasons.

There are desires, which is also due to the sincere excuses we still tried!

“I have no time to exercise”

“no time to solve the issue”

“there is no time for rest”

Sometimes even to take the garbage out – it is a problem which man puts in a few hours, although would have spent on her a couple of minutes!

ever heard of something that people get tired just from the thought that he had so much to be done?

a Large number of polackova or large-scale cases that have already been created in the form of desires or some things, but not executed and not cancelled, insanely stealing our resources!!!

Let's start Monday with a simple great job!

Write down everything that you need/should/want to make/to develop/to visit/to know/see!

Surely you've seen a technique where these things must be broken on scales of urgency and importance, but I am convinced that you know your priorities (all members of your Sunday meetings definitely put in priority themselves).

So, be sure to write everything that comes to mind, that for years gathering dust in the list and transferred from year to year, and write the skills that I would like to contribute!

Honestly, once and for all remove outdated (for example, one of my friend already broke up with that guy that wanted to review all the films of one Director, and the job itself it from year to year drags on) to Strike and score! If this is not included in the circle of her personal interest and lost any relevance!

And the remaining choose just ONE major thing to focus on and just start!

for Example, a girl wanted to play sports, but she has no money, nor time, nor forces on the rocking chair there! Great! But today it decided to start!

On the way home from work downloads a program with all sorts of trenirovochka on the phone

the walk home Is quick step

Sets the alarm 10 minutes early and begins to make saragosse or yoga.

In Pererva at work is googling or looking on YouTube the theory and practice of techniques of bodyweight exercises

sports is Calling the friend to ask the Council:

Builds a specific picture: three training sessions of 30 minutes 3 times a week (mon, Wed, Fri at 18:00), charging 7 minutes each day!

And voila! Her psyche had specifically given the task you want to perform and not to be afraid!

Just a note: introduce this activity gradually, listen, sometimes the truth is to start with one minute of execution that psyche has adapted to the new task!

But there's no miraculous spell that will create the habit without the reinforcement experience! To do – to do!

Yes, you can be lazy – that even a friend!

But don't expect a magic moment! You can start even when laziness!

Motivation will come later!

But discipline is training your awareness!

When one is the only thing in focus is made or habit, grasp new! Can be two! But even for 80 level discipline and awareness is better not to take more than 5-7 major cases for the formation of the habit or run immediately (otherwise the psyche will quickly find the perfect excuse not to do any of them).

so, today-Monday!

Set yourself ONE major goal for the week (it's important to have measurable period) and do it!

Now, if you're going to get tired, give up, change your mind, then let's in 7 days!
in the meantime, let's have a total experiment!

Write in the comments what you want to pump/to begin/to finish/develop this week!

I'm sure the exercise will do!

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