I love the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, I do not know why. Can't say I watch them often, but sometimes there is a strong desire to revisit them again. 

I was Particularly shocked movie "Andrei Rublev". Such a shock I never experienced from watching movies. I still remember that state of inner illumination. I could not find a place of nervousness. I had a feeling of insight, of understanding something very important, necessary. But I could not understand what had happened. 

This state of unrest, joy, enlightenment lasted about a day until it was finally the realization of a new sensation. 

the strongest impression on me the third part of the film about the fate of a young man, Boris, who was alone in the whole village and must be dying of hunger. But his desire to live caused him to cheat and say that he knows how to pour a bell and knows the secret of casting and the composition of the metal for the bell. The fact is that the father Boriska was a master of casting bells, but the secret of his skill son did not pass.

a Thirst for life and strength of spirit helped Borisko to convince everyone around that he knows exactly how to pour the bell. A gang of men were obedient to him. They obeyed him almost unquestioningly. He so obsessively acted so showed conviction in his knowledge that no one had any doubt (except for spectators). The miracle eventually happened. He managed to pour a great bell sound. All around exulted and rejoiced, and Boriska throwing a tantrum because they did not believe that he has done it better than the father. 
He didn't know for sure what and how to do it. But his nature, his unconscious, his ability to join the knowledge and skill of the father helped him to become a wizard. 

People can something I do not know or do not understand, but his desire to live, to create, to be fit, his desire to go for their goals, dream, his belief in himself, in his nature allow in the end to achieve their cherished goals, dreams! 

it's hard to convey in words that it was possible to describe Tarkovsky in the film. This is a very powerful feeling of desire to live, create and be needed by others, revealing their potential, their nature. 

Learn to live!

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