In this article I want to give you four key principles of successful delivery from the book by Grantly dick-reed, MD, a man far ahead of his time in the approach to the birth process, and in some ways, I think, a unique person.

dick-Reid draws our attention to the 4 basic pillars of successful delivery:

good mood




the Emotional state of a woman who begins to realize that the birth of her child on the way, not even changing by the hour and the minute. The perception becomes aggravated, but, despite the development of prenatal psychology and prenatal training courses, the excitement of women during childbirth remains as strong as in past years.


Home delivery - Good mood

still have not stopped arguing about what really should be considered a starting birth. Discharge of water, repeated contractions or tension of the uterus can mislead women who are not prepared for childbirth. "I've met women who were in full confidence that they give birth to 10-14 days," says dick-read, - "in my opinion, the beginning of childbirth is best to talk rhythmically recurring with a short pauses of the fight".Here emotional stress - the main enemy of mothers. "Never say, don't do and don't teach anything that might cause concern or fear of interference. Therefore, consider why she may be afraid? She may fear pain and think that it is an integral part of the delivery. About her battles spoken of as "pain", and, as you know, all that pain is painful.

When our nurses and doctors stop using this disgusting term? Is - battle, and each battle is a force pushing the child to exit, which brings the birth. Each subsequent battle can be stronger than the previous one, and therefore more effective. If you call it a pain, changing the perception - the more intense, the stronger, each time feeling, the harder it will occur in childbirth".Everything that destroys a relaxed and trusting atmosphere around women, destroys and neuromuscular balance delivery, blocks the normal flow of the process. Everything surrounding childbirth, including her husband, have to create for her as possible, emotional comfort and support.

the First stage of labor - Relaxation

As mentioned earlier, a sense of joy, anticipation, satisfaction and relief - the natural emotional reactions of women at onset of labor. It is good that the doctor and the midwife were interested in high spirits mothers, encouraged him and shared. So a woman can feel that you're with her, and relax body and soul. Then, when the rainbow arousal subsides, she will need a peaceful retreat.

With the mind cheerful and carefree women can be very scared. Excessive laughter between contractions is often an indication of emotional tension, and in the best case it will result in tears when the later stages of childbirth will require real effort and self-control. This anxiety and apprehension needs to be overcome with a friendly but persistent explanations of the nature of the feelings experienced by a woman. During the visit it is advisable to be calm friendliness, persuasiveness and toughness.

Complete relaxation of the hands, feet, face, and behind them, and consciousness is the secret of the calm, quick birth. To help yourself relax, you need to take several deep breaths. Eyes should be open, facial muscles are relaxed - no gloomy views, shifted eyebrows, rolled eyes and compressed lips. Absolutely no need to make mimetic representation, it just hurt.The uterus must be freed and this happens by itself, without any assistance and efforts of mothers. "Imagine - tell the mother, that's a ship sailing your course, independently. No need to rush - the doors do open. All in good time".Women often notice changes in the onset of labor, when relaxation finally achieved. However, even well prepared, believe in yourself women, success sometimes depends on those people, under whose influence it falls during childbirth. She needed explanations, clear instructions and encouraging words, not baby talk and mumbling. She wants to hear that everything is going well, she's a great kid, and she's doing great with all the difficulties.

the Second stage of labor - Detachment

If a woman is an atmosphere of friendly participation and sochuvstvovaly, she easily and confidently goes to the second stage of labor, which is characterized by lowered mental alertness, and changing reactions to external stimuli. The mother begins to show relative indifference to emerging situations, it ceases to care about their appearance, actions, and words uttered. If all goes well, i.e. no feeling of overwhelming fear, she is completely disconnected from the awareness of his personality, concentrating all their energies on executing the most important tasks.

"I don't know the exact reasons why during the second stage of labor consciousness is dulled, but, having examined the symptoms, I can assume that the culprit is the metabolism of oxygen. Colossal muscle tension makes the change in the ratio of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and lactic acid. This may explain the origin of natural anesthesia, occurring in the second stage of labor. Thanks to oxygen starvation dulled conscious brain activity and unconscious reflex activity gets free. It is important to understand that during labor is to use not anesthesia, and it is this natural anesthesia, which is often present in normal birth".

the Third stage of labor - the Sense of delight

We can't judge that means the first cry of the child - a joy or discontent, but from the point of view of physiology, the first cry is very important for the life of the child and the welfare of his mother. Seeing the child, the mother is completely transformed. Indifference disappears, and the expression of happiness is so amazing that the very appearance of a child into the world is called the state of exaltation.

In life there is no more beautiful event than the birth of a child. Remove modern birth plaque of ignorance, and you will receive the joy of the mother. Protect healthy women from the harmful effects of pollution, and childbirth will be a masterpiece of physiology. Look at the miracle of birth is calm, understanding eyes. Each phenomenon is a necessary part of a smoothly functioning mechanism, without which the whole system could collapse, every sound, every movement of the newborn full of deep significance. Despite the fact that everything happens in a given sample, the baby is a anyone not like a person. He can't speak our language, but his tears are not tears of sorrow, and demands and commands that he needs. He looks at us and suck their fingers; he sneezes, developing their lungs, waving pens, writing and grunting, pushing meconium; after a few hours he already knows how beneficial it is to be Intrusive.

no science knows of the nature of the forces that harmoniously created this new life, just expelled from the womb, all the forces which were designed to create and nourish all the necessary miniature copy of herself. Achievements of the human race, all together, can not compete with such a perfect work of the Lord.

G. dick-read's "Childbirth without fear"

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