The gift of acceptance: Three steps to acceptance of the Other


once in my first year of University, a couple in Philosophy we watched an interview of a philosopher... (I think it was Slavoj Zizek, but I'm afraid to say). The philosopher talked about "the Other". br>


Another is a man carrying a fundamentally different meaning in this world. He came under the influence of things quite unfamiliar to us and carries values, absolutely unknown to us. He Is Different. Are we to destroy or despise? No, we must learn to accept it...

- wait a Minute - I protested - That mean take? But if this person is a fascist? Or monster? Or a drug addict? We indiscriminately make? br>
the Answer to my question came not once, many years later, and in quite a different context. Perhaps this response is largely changed my life. br>
acceptance of the Other refers to the three "mental" steps:

I admit that Another has the right to be in this world.
I belong to Another without their assessments, and measurements.
I am willing to contact with Others. br>
Now, more info:

When we're talking about taking someone, the first thing we say, "I admit that you are possible in this world...".
This step allows you to eliminate our own estimates arising from experience, attitudes, words adults and important for us. br>
Everything in this world is possible – we assume that somewhere in the world women go in private clothes, some eat dogs, and where people do not have access to drinking water. We can't deny that in the world there are criminals, or mentally ill, or homeless. They are, regardless – we think about them or not. We allow them to be or not. br>
No matter what emotions do you feel towards this person or event. Just imagine what he has in the world, and has a right to be. br>
the Next step-making – mesocenozoic. Mesocenozoic means not to see Another with those points of view and from that of the concept of Norms to which we are accustomed. To evaluate other people or objects – normal reaction. We want all to know and understand and sort through the "shelves" that we have in our closet (consciousness). br>
Try not to give the Other estimates and not be judged by the usual parameters: good or bad, beautiful or ugly, polite or impolite, useful or not useful...

is the last step.

We can get in contact with Others. br>
Due to the fact that the Other is fundamentally different from us, these differences are able to teach us something, to give new experience and feelings, to expand our picture of the world. We can learn how and what is living to know its causes and true motives. We can understand it. br>
this is how you gain the Gift of adoption. This is the value that you receive, simply because could bring himself to accept Another with all his knowledge, experience, emotions. You are able to know him, to understand, to share with him their meanings, their values and beliefs.

learn to make Another – the first step to learn to accept yourself.

Daniel O.
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