Before you look for ways to remove the guilt, you need to understand, and whether you feel guilt.

Wine is a real and neurotic, i.e., contrived.

the Thing is that most of the people who inquired about guilt, actually trapped mind.

the Real fault appears, if we really have committed an act that caused harm to another person.

In this case it is enough to realize what I did and what it led to and to take responsibility for their actions. Then you can apologize and, if possible, to rectify the situation.

Neurotic guilt develops when the person did nothing wrong. Or if it is indicative not forgive.

there is a situation where someone is not like you see the way you behave, speak, act, feel... and that someone tells you how you are wrong, you poor insulted and offended.

This is pure manipulation. The manipulator tries to drive you into guilt and control your behavior. You do what is convenient and profitable only to him.

And to forgive you for non-existent offenses is not very profitable. So it will periodically show you their angry face and sigh.

And everyone knows that to feel guilty is very unpleasant. I want to remove that feeling, as soon as possible. And here you speak in whispers, silent your mind... if only the other one was not offended again.

Thus you can't be yourself. The constant tension of having to think through every word and action tiring, and makes it impossible to enjoy his life.

I said to her? Sorry, no, she's not yours, it belongs to the manipulator. You don't want to be bad, ungrateful, callous, selfish...

So, if you feel guilty, ask yourself now, what exactly have you done that has caused real harm to another. Found? Do what you can to fix the situation, at least bring my sincere apologies. 

But if anything specific you did, but the guilt hurts you and is not going away - sign up for a consultation. 

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