In the era of the dinosaurs to go will not, but years two or three hundred ago the side. So, what did the people in "a long time" if they had psychological problems in our current sense. At the time, even when practiced religious view of the world, all the spiritual and emotional impulses interpreted and interpreted from this point of view. Was such important concepts as God, the Devil, and they "ruled" over the human intentions. That is, if the man wanted to do something right and good, it was interpreted as a divine manifestation of his soul, seek to do good, and therefore God is thanked. If people have made bad, unapproved by the society act, that explanation served as "devil's work". The body in this context meant a passive role, the body was mortal shell, and his passion and desire in the Christian model of the world was viewed as tools for seduction "the adversary." And accordingly, on the contrary, it promoted body to fight. The man who in life had suffered, and the body needs ignored, were considered Holy.

the Eighteenth, the nineteenth century witnessed the beginning of rapid development of technologies and Sciences. As you study and better understand the environment and the laws of nature, more and more people tried to explain what is happening around from the perspective of Science. Began to dominate the materialist model of the world, began to emerge a theory that tried to describe the origin of the world, life, human, natural way. And if for other areas of life this has brought great benefit, because it contributed to better learning and development for example in medicine, because it removed the taboo of the inviolability of the human body, it became possible to examine, dissect. In the field of psychology has formed a gap.

I had to fill the void that was created when the removed the concept of "soul" and "the adversary". The problem was that in humans there is a major difference from animals. All animals have minor qualitative differences within the same species. For example, take dogs, or cows. They differ in temperament, are more mobile, or quiet, brave or cowardly, but they are all subject to his animal instincts and needs. Any dog snapped at the meat, if you will be hungry and will not notice her frightening factors, such as the man with a club.

A person from this model "self-care" seriously different. Person can step on a throat to an own song, and make absolutely impossible for the animal world thing it is to die for principles. And if earlier, as we have said, it could easily explain the appearance of influencing a person's reasons, that the materialist theory could not explain. Where did such diversity of behavior, when some people play the role of a righteous and highly moral characters, whereas others somehow become villains and lead asocial way of life.

And just then came to the rescue of Mr. Freud, who suggested the following substitution: let there be a body with its animal needs, seeking to satisfy their physiological needs, and in "animal". But on the other hand it will be a highly organized mind, which is able to evaluate not only immediate benefits, but also to calculate the far-reaching prospects. Thus, according to Freud it turned out that the whole man is nothing but a more highly organized animal, characterized in that knows how to think "distance," but his aspirations are the same – taking care of yourself and meeting your own needs. Only in this case people have learned to negotiate with others like themselves, and thus society was established, the laws and principles of morality. But whether his will, and a clear understanding that it is not threatened, people according to this theory, should fall in the normal animal race for their passions. Animals – food, sex, fun; and human – honor, respect, power.

Theory Freud of course, did not answer many of the questions, and partly, in his last work, even contrary to common sense and observable facts. But it has become the straw for which seized upon by the materialists. And on the basis of which began to build their theories, and to develop methods of working subsequent psychologists. They argued with Freud, but remained in the framework of the invented mechanism. That is, the conscious "I" - intellectual, the product of evolution. And the unconscious "I" of our animal nature.

the Late Freud, who lived in the heyday of Nazi Germany, watching as it might drop the most progressive nation can also be understood.

so we have a man, torn between the desire to live right, and the desire to live well physically. In the religious model is a contradiction of the divine Soul and Animal Soul. And Science – Mind and the Animal. That basically not an essence important as is called, because in fact remained all the same. And the great achievement of Freud lay in the fact that: he figured out how to translate terms in the language of Science, thanks to which the psyche has become possible to work. Because, as a scientific discipline, psychological behavior, and human health has been actively studied by clinicians and deviations began to engage in researching and developing effective methods of correction.

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